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  • BMAT 2019 Section 2 Q3

  • Nicolas Sanchez

    2021/6월/토 at 5:43 오전
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    The diagram shows the forces acting on a cyclist as she accelerates at 4.0 m s–2
    on a straight, horizontal section of road. The constant resistive forces are air resistance and a 300 N force due to friction.

    [see diagram below]

    The combined mass of the cyclist and bicycle is 50 kg.
    What is the value of the air resistance?

    A. 50N
    B. 100N
    C. 200N
    D. 300N
    E. 450N

  • Paris Pitsinikos

    2021/7월/수 at 4:56 오후
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    Down Accepted answer

    First make sure to draw the forces on paper. This way you can see that the solution is simply given via the equation F=m*a since we know all the forces but one, the mass and the acceleration.

    The answer is B.

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