EnterMedSchool – Our Dream

The opportunity to study medicine in English in Italy is a lifeline for many of us. You can get scholarships, pay low tuition fees, and finance yourself without selling a kidney.

Our dream is to make admission to medical studies accessible to people from different countries around the world, regardless of socioeconomic status.

Studying medicine is the dream for all of us, and with enough help and mutual support,

we can make it come true together.

Ari’s Amazing Help For a High IMAT Score

UPDATE: I got 60.6 on the IMAT! As a candidate for Rome T.V, I was anxious about the IMAT test. I was afraid I might be missing important content and material. I’d like to say that first of all, the site is such a fantastic place for sharing knowledge, and we should be using it to its fullest. Secondly, I’ve taken three private zoom lessons with Ari, the website founder, and I know it directly got me an extra 7.5 points at least since I answered questions that Ari thought me directly in my lessons with him. I recommend everyone who strives for a high score to take at least one lesson with him and come prepared with questions and material. Also, I recommend contacting him before the lesson and telling him about your weak points. He is such an amazing guy, and he will help everyone for the right reasons.

Dor Abutbul

IMAT 2020

EnterMedSchool Experience

I would honestly like to thank each & every person who has contributed to the EnterMedSchool. Especially to Ari, for starting such a prodigious & immense platform for future med students like me. EnterMedSchool really helped me in preparing for the IMAT, especially during the last few weeks, where I was constantly solving past year papers. They have included the entire past 8 years of solutions to each question for IMAT, which you will not be able to find anywhere else, as far as I know. Also, the community is amazing. One of the best projects that were carried out by EnterMedSchool was the 12 hour Marathon 5 days ago the IMAT 2020. They covered each section asked in IMAT & provided a detailed analysis of the most common & probable topics. I was just astonished by the amount of effort that was put in by the TEAM. Never seen something so professional even on the websites which ask for hundreds of euros. After attending the IMAT 2020, I realized how much this marathon actually helped me. In Biology, I got 3 questions right just because of the marathon. I wasn’t going to initially cover some topics but as the marathon was going on, they mentioned it & I just went on with them. I can surely say if I hadn’t done the marathon, probably I would’ve missed those 3 questions. For Chemistry, I was really helped with stoichiometry & organic. For Math & Physics, even if I just did only the marathon, I would have easily covered 50% of the section. Also, Shalev did a really good job for the Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving section. My estimated score is 46,4 and I can without any doubt say that EnterMedSchool has surely played a part in it.

Nikul Pandya

IMAT 2020

Ivar׳s Testimonial

Amazing website! Covered everything from the complex application process to the material that we needed to study. On top of that, there were always quick replies to questions and tonnes of support, all for free. Blown away by the dedication and hard work of all those involved, it far exceeded any other free or paid content regarding the IMAT. Couldn’t have done the test without this resource!

Ivar Anckar

IMAT 2020

The Best IMAT Preparation Course There Is!

I can’t recommend EnterMedSchool enough! Ari and the team are extremely knowledgeable and helped so much in understanding every part of the process. They have created a great community and the best IMAT preparation platform in my opinion. Can’t thank them enough!


Thomas Bull

IMAT 2020

Best IMAT Prep Ever, Highly Recommended

I took EnterMedSchool’s IMAT Study planner and IMAT Marathon this year and I can say it was truly the most insightful and productive course I have taken. In my own opinion, EnterMedSchools resources are a must-have if you want to do well in the IMAT. I was a member of several other IMAT prep organizations and they don’t even come close to the quality of content that EnterMedSchool has. Moreover, Ari’s knowledge of science and medicine combined with his strong passion for teaching makes EnterMedSchools site the most conducive place to be when preparing for this very difficult exam.

Andrew O'Callaghan

IMAT 2020
Ari Horesh
Ari Horesh Founder, Medical Student at The University of Pavia
Established this community in 2019 in order to provide high quality study materials, for free, for everyone.

Salah Aldin Alwahidy
Salah Aldin AlwahidyCo-Founder , Medical Student at The University of Campania, LV
Helped to establish this community in 2019, with the dream of making the website׳s features accessible to the Arabic-speaking audience