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Every aspiring doctor who dreams of studying medicine in Italy, in the heart of Europe, knows the pivotal role played by the International Medical Admissions Test (IMAT). Italy has always been synonymous with a rich history of medical advances, and today, numerous prestigious medical schools offer courses in English to accommodate international students.

In 2023, the landscape of IMAT underwent a sea of change. With the baton passing to “CINECA” and “Minerva”, the entire format of this crucial exam saw an evolution. It wasn’t just about adapting to a new set of questions; it was about understanding the nuances of a fresh format and keeping an eye on the shifting deadlines.

This guide promises to be your compass in navigating these changes. From the number of seats available and participating universities to preparation strategies and essential deadlines – dive into the most comprehensive guide for IMAT 2024.

All medical schools in Italy in English
All medical schools in Italy in English
All medical schools in Italy in English
All medical schools in Italy in English

The New IMAT 2024 Syllabus: A Detailed Dive

Luckily for us, while we still don’t have the syllabus of IMAT 2024, we can absolutely rely on the syllabus of 2023, as it is unlikely to change – considering how recent the latest big change was.

For those who have been gearing up for the IMAT based on the older syllabus, the introduction of CINECA brought about a palpable shift. Although a majority of the syllabus remains intact, the 2023 IMAT saw a notable change in the logic section.

What Has Changed?

While the logic section of IMAT has always been a cornerstone, its latest iteration presents additional challenges in the form of vocabulary and text comprehension. This requires not only a grasp of the language but also the capability to deconstruct and analyze text at a deeper level.

Should You Change Your Study Materials?

Interestingly, despite the modifications in the syllabus, the essence of preparation remains largely the same. The skills required for text comprehension — understanding the context, deducing conclusions, identifying assumptions and premises, and breaking down passages — are very much akin to the skills honed by past versions of the exam. Thus, your old practice materials still hold significant value.

For those seeking to ramp up their preparation, especially focusing on text comprehension, we recommend using the past papers of the BMAT Section 1. These papers are crafted to test similar skills and can be an excellent resource to simulate IMAT-like conditions and challenges.

Expected Deadlines for IMAT 2024

The schedule for the IMAT has always been a subject of anticipation and speculation. With CINECA now at the helm, 2023 saw some deviations from the usual, and 2024 promises its own set of expectations and predictions.

IMAT vs TOLC-MED: Frequency and Timing

Many students have pondered the possibility of IMAT aligning with TOLC-MED — the Italian counterpart — in terms of its frequency. To clarify, it’s highly unlikely for IMAT to follow the biannual format of TOLC-MED (but you never know with the Italians, they sometimes announce things very late), which takes place in April and July. The expectation remains that IMAT 2024 will continue around its traditional window of September to October.

Lessons from 2023: A Shift and a Protest

In a surprising move, the IMAT was scheduled for October in 2023. This deviation from the norm didn’t sit well with university administrators, leading to significant protests. The contention was largely around the delay and its cascading impact on the academic schedule.

Given the pushback received last year, it is speculated that CINECA might revert to the more accepted window, placing the IMAT in September 2024.

A Note of Caution

While we can make educated guesses based on the past, it’s imperative to remember that changes can still occur. The IMAT might transition to a computer-based format, or the date could be adjusted earlier. However, any significant change would typically be communicated by the organizing body at least 6-7 months in advance. Thus, it’s crucial for aspirants to stay vigilant, frequently check official announcements, and remain adaptable in their preparation

How to Study for IMAT 2024: Best Resources and Strategies

The key to acing the IMAT lies not just in understanding the content but also in adopting the right study strategies and using the best resources available. EnterMedSchool has always been at the forefront of assisting medical aspirants in this journey. Here’s a rundown of what we offer:

Free IMAT 2024 Study Materials on EnterMedSchool

  1. Books: We’ve created a compilation of essential materials tailored for the IMAT. Our free books have become a staple for many IMAT aspirants, known for their comprehensive content and ease of understanding.
  2. Study Planner: Organizing your study routine can be a daunting task. Our study planner is crafted to guide you through your preparation journey, ensuring you cover every crucial topic without feeling overwhelmed.
  3. More to Come for IMAT 2024: We’re continuously working to enhance and expand our offerings. Stay tuned for even more free study material tailored for IMAT 2024!

All-in-One IMAT Video Course

Understanding the depth and breadth of the IMAT syllabus can be challenging. We’re here to simplify that for you:

  • In-Depth and Comprehensive: Our video course is a labor of love, crafted over years, that covers the IMAT syllabus from the ground up. Whether you’re a novice or just need a refresher, our course is structured to cater to all levels.
  • No Prior Knowledge Required: The beauty of our course is its approachability. You don’t need any background knowledge. We’ll take you through the journey step by step, ensuring clarity and comprehension.
  • Hundreds of Hours of Content: With a plethora of content spanning hundreds of hours, our course ensures thorough preparation.

Ready to dive in? Explore our complete video course here.

IMAT 2024 Pre-enrollment: What You Need to Know (April 2024)

For many non-European students, the journey to pursuing medicine in Italy begins even before the IMAT registration. It starts with the crucial step of pre-enrollment. This step might seem like a mere formality but is indispensable for non-European aspirants. Let’s delve into its details:

What is Pre-enrollment?

Pre-enrollment is a mandatory registration process for non-European students on the website. This registration is not just a placeholder but acts as a confirmation that these students intend to sit for the IMAT and pursue their medical studies in Italy.

Once registered and confirmed, these students are provided with a confirmation document. This document is then presented to the local Italian embassy in their respective countries, forming a crucial part of their visa application process.

Who Needs to Pre-enroll?

Only non-European students need to undergo this pre-enrollment process. If you’re a European candidate, breathe easy! You can skip this step entirely and wait for the main IMAT registration.

Timeline for Pre-enrollment

Historically, the pre-enrollment window has opened around April and spans a period of 3-5 months. In 2023, even with the changes brought about by CINECA’s involvement, the timeline adhered to this pattern. The pre-enrollment began in April, but the actual IMAT registration took place at the end of September. This gave non-European students an ample window to secure their confirmation and kickstart their visa application process.

Translation of Documents and Issue of Declaration of Value (DoV) – April 2024

Making your dream of studying medicine in Italy a reality requires meticulous attention to various bureaucratic processes. One such crucial aspect is the translation of pertinent documents and securing the Declaration of Value (DoV). Here’s what you need to know:

The Importance of Translated Documents

Every non-Italian candidate must ensure that their documents — specifically their high school diploma and income documents for scholarship applications — are translated to Italian. This step is crucial not just for university admissions but also for any scholarship applications you might be making. Often, this process has to be undertaken even before the announcement of IMAT results.

Declaration of Value (DoV): What is it?

The Declaration of Value (DoV) is a formal document, issued in Italian, which states that your level of education, as indicated by your high school diploma or equivalent, qualifies you to pursue higher studies in Italy. It essentially equates your education level with the Italian system.

Remember, anyone aspiring to study in Italy, regardless of their chosen subject, must secure this declaration. The only exception is for those whose educational documents are in English. Such candidates will need to notarize their English documents and do not require a translation to obtain the DoV.

Income Documents: Your Pathway to Scholarships

Securing a scholarship can significantly ease your academic journey. To apply for merit-based scholarships, candidates must translate the income documents of their families from their home countries. This is an annual process, allowing students to be eligible for these scholarships throughout their course.

Our Recommendation

Given the importance of these documents in the entire process, we strongly advise candidates to translate both their educational and income documents. While the former is essential for your DoV, the latter ensures that you don’t miss out on potential scholarship opportunities.

IMAT 2024 Registration: When and How (July/September 2024)

The actual registration for the IMAT is an essential milestone in your journey towards medical education in Italy. Depending on the scheduled date for the IMAT 2024, there are two primary predictions for when the registration might take place.

When Can You Expect the Registration?

  1. Scenario 1: Exam in September: If the IMAT 2024 is slated for September, then it’s highly probable that the registration will be scheduled for July. This is because August marks the national summer holidays in Italy, where a large majority of offices and commercial establishments are closed. As such, official tasks, including registrations, are rarely conducted during this month.
  2. Scenario 2: Exam in October: Should the IMAT be planned for October, then the registration is anticipated to take place towards the end of September.

Why Your Documents Matter During Registration

Having your Declaration of Value (DoV) ready by the time of registration is paramount. Some universities, in their administrative protocols, require candidates to present the DoV even before sitting for the IMAT, whereas others might not. However, it’s always wise to be prepared in advance to avoid last-minute scrambles and potential complications.

In Conclusion

The registration process, while straightforward, comes with its nuances based on the IMAT’s scheduled date. Regardless of when it’s held, make sure all your documents, especially the DoV, are in order well before the registration window. It not only ensures a smooth registration process but also places you in a good stead for subsequent administrative procedures.

IMAT 2024 Registration Fee

A significant part of the IMAT registration is the associated fee. For the IMAT 2024, we anticipate the registration cost to be around 150 EUR. This estimate is based on previous years’ trends and the general pricing framework for such exams.

However, it’s essential to be aware that the official fee can vary.

We are committed to providing you with the most accurate and updated information, and we will promptly update the fee details once we receive any official announcements or updates.  

So.. When Will IMAT 2024 Take Place? (September-October 2024)

As we approach IMAT 2024, many aspirants are understandably keen to know the specifics: when will the exam take place and who will be overseeing it? Here’s our take based on current trends and information:

The Organizing Body

Last year marked a significant shift in the administration of the IMAT, with CINECA taking the reins from Cambridge. We anticipate that this new organization, CINECA, will continue to oversee the IMAT in 2024. They are expected to bring their unique approach and expertise to the table, while also building on the foundation laid by the exam’s previous organizers.

The Exam Date

Given the patterns and feedback from last year, we predict that the IMAT 2024 is most likely to take place in mid-September or October. This aligns with the typical academic timelines in Italy and also the logistical considerations related to exam administration.

However, it’s essential to note that these are preliminary predictions. We are always on the lookout for any official announcements or news. Rest assured, we’ll update you with the exact dates and details as soon as they are made public.

What Should You Do Now?

While awaiting further clarity on the IMAT 2024 specifics:

  • Explore Universities: Familiarize yourself with different universities and their offerings using our website.
  • Study & Practice: Dive into our free study materials or invest in our premium classes to bolster your preparation.
  • Join Our Communities (Link in the menu): Connect with peers, share experiences, and learn together by joining our vibrant communities of IMAT aspirants.