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Ari Horesh's Study Techniques Course and Personal Coaching

Join Me And Perfect How You:

create mindmaps and take notes analyze exam and past papers review using anki use different AI tools identify your true weakspots

With a track record of guiding over 500 students through their entrance exams and the rigors of med school, I’m here to do the same for you.

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Do Any of These Feel Like Your Story?

Yesterday’s Lessons, Today’s Mysteries

Ever felt like yesterday's study session just evaporated overnight? It's like your brain decides to hit the reset button while you sleep. Frustrating, isn't it?

Drowning in a Sea of Information?

Sometimes, it feels like you're trying to drink from a fire hose, doesn't it? The sheer volume of material can feel like waves crashing over you, making it hard to catch your breath.

App Overload: The Paradox of Choice

In the digital age, there's an app for everything, but does finding the right one for studying feel like searching for a needle in a haystack? If you’re overwhelmed by choices and just want something that works, let’s simplify together.

The Procrastination Spiral

Does every attempt to start studying get thwarted by the siren call of just one more video, one more scroll? Breaking free from the cycle of delay is tough, but not impossible.

Wishing for a Guiding Hand

Remember looking up to those who’ve walked the path before, wishing for a mentor to light the way? If the journey feels lonely and the road ahead uncertain, I hear you.

Lost in the Exam Prep Maze

Ever find yourself preparing for exams but not really sure if you're on the right track? If the thought of past papers and exam strategies feels like wandering in a labyrinth, let's find the way out together.

What makes us special?

In my course you will enjoy direct access to monthly Q&As, webinars, and personalized help. Ask questions, share struggles, and fine-tune your study methods in a community tailored just for med students like you. This is your unique space, designed exclusively for those on the medical journey, making it a one-of-a-kind experience.

Do you have the right mindset?

7+ Core Courses In a Single Resource

rome wasn't built in a day

I will help you rebuild your current foundations from the ground up, slowly, over time.

So what will you get?

Course 1: Mastering Mind Maps

Unlock the power of mind maps: a faster, smarter way to study. From day one, dive into the art and science of creating mind maps that weave together complex ideas, making study sessions more productive and engaging.

  • Learn the science behind relationships, memory cues, and immediately start creating basic mind maps.
  • Get feedback from the community and myself coaches so you can learn how to make more advanced mind maps.
  • Understand how to make mind maps that include multiple subjects at the same time.
  • Learn how to creat a mind map instead of taking lecture notes.

Course 2: Analyzing Past Papers

Discover your weak spots, decode exam patterns, and learn to craft practice questions with AI tools—turning past exams into a roadmap for success.

  • Learn how to find your weak spots.
  • Understand how to use different tools that can help you find common patterns in past papers.
  • Learn how to think like an exam writer.
  • Learn how to use AI to create practice questions.
  • Learn how to convert past papers into highly effective flashcards.

Course 3: exam question strategies

Understand how to effectively take and ace an exam, manage your time, stress, and approach the questions.

  • MCQ module - How to analyze and approach MCQ type of exam in the best way.
  • European Module - Oral exam guide for students who aren't used to the format.
  • Stress management - Learn how to calm yourself down during an exam.
  • Time management - Learn how much time you should dedicate to different parts of the exam.

Course 4: exclusive members-only coaching

  • Network and connect with future doctors all over the world.
  • Enjoy members-only exclusive content, live stream, and live webinars.
  • Private forums and direct help from coaches and members of the community.
  • Private App where you can discuss, connect, share your thoughts and view the course content.

Course 5: Anki

Understand how to use Anki and make proper memorable flashcards

  • Learn how to use Anki effectively from start to finish.
  • Learn how your flashcards should look like in different subjects
  • Learn how to use common Anki addons, and how to utilize different apps to automatically make
  • Learn how to make the most out of pre-made decks that were made by your friends or you found online
  • Understand how to implement other study techniques while reviewing flashcards to make the most out of it.

Course 6: Time Management in Medical School

Learn how to manage your time properly while focusing on taking care of your mental health and social life.

  • Making efficient to-do lists which you can actually keep up with.
  • Avoiding burn-outs and focusing on your mental health.
  • Avoiding cramming before exams and understanding how to pre-study and plan an entire semester.
  • Special module for admission exam takers - how to manage your time over a whole year.

Course 7: How to Use AI In Medical School!

Learn how to utilize many of the popular AI tools in your studies in the most efficient way possible.

  • Learn how to use AI to analyze your own data and help you find weak spots in your knowledge
  • Use AI to simplify difficult subjects, make analogies and short stories that will help you remember the material.
  • Make Anki Flashcards using AI
  • Learn how to efficiently generate practice questions, analyze past papers, and even write your own notes using AI

My dream is to create a close-knit group that sticks together, growing professionally and building friendships that last a lifetime.

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about the future of this course

My Dream

Building a Global Community of Future Doctors

Embark on an incredible journey with us and be a part of a vibrant and closely bonded community.

Online and Offline Webinars

Real-life Events, Sport Groups, Future Summer Camps

Subject-based Study Groups

Connect with future doctors worldwide

Exclusive community merch, productivity journals, and tools

Private podcast featuring global interviews with medical students and doctors.

Mental-health Support Groups


The more students join my community, the more modules I will be able to work on!

Understand medical research

Ethics in medical research

Book club discussion

Burnout, health, and Personal Life

Alternative medicine module

Career guidance

Networking and putting your name out there

Clinical Skills and Rotation tips

aDHD and ADD tips in medical school

Making money online as a medical student

EU and US Med School

Nutrition and supplementation

success stories

Discover how my courses has impacted the lives of my past students, in their own words.

Ujjwal Ujjain

I used EnterMedSchool for my IMAT preparation, and I must say it was an absolute wonderful experience and helped me get a place in the university of my choice.

Ortal or Hagai

“Ari Horesh is a unique person who invests his heart and his soul in his students and this project. He loves to help A LOT and lives for giving and helping others.”

Shahar Siso

The website that was established by Ari Horesh and the idea behind it is absolutely amazing! Ari helps so many students (including me).


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  • Lifetime access, from your pre-med days all the way when you become a doctor
  • Lifetime access to my private community, where you will meet people who share similar mindset
  • Beta access to course content before march 2025 (In Batches)
  • An immediate access to a platform where you can meet the rest of the community
  • My personal WhatsApp number so you can ask me questions directly
*To ensure the highest quality and thoroughly researched content, the course's release date may be adjusted. Early access participants will receive sections of the course for feedback, enjoying the benefit of experiencing the course ahead of others at a significantly reduced price.


Of course! We offer a 14 days no question ask refund policy. Unless of course you watched too many videos in the course system.

Your account will have access forever, and you will have access to every piece of new content uploaded to this course (with the exception of some webinars and specific events of course)

Scheduled for release in March 2025, this course will continue to receive new content updates regularly. The release date is subject to change to ensure the course meets our high-quality standards. However, by purchasing early, you'll gain access to sections as they are developed, ahead of the official release, and at a discounted rate.

As long as you study a healthcare profession, this course suits you, if you study anything else, you shouldn't take this course.

Me! (Ari Horesh) I conduct the course and make the vast majority of the materials for it after years of research and preparation, and I am very excited about it!



I founded EnterMedSchool with the intention of providing everyone an equal opportunity to pursue their dreams of studying medicine. In 2022, I took a gap year to fully commit to this cause, dedicating many hours a day to creating the best materials for different admission exams and researching the recent science behind the best study techniques and methods, which are now available online, and most of them are completely free.