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Step by Step Guide for Indian IMAT Exam Applicants

In this article, we’re going to go over a step-by-step guide for the pre-enrolment procedure needed to be undertaken by every Indian student during the application process. You will find all the relevant details needed for the pre-enrollment process if you’re applying from India in this guide; so make sure you read it in its entirety and rest assured you won’t find the need to refer to any other guide.

What is pre-enrolment?

Pre-enrolment is a mandatory step for all Indian students (and non-EU) in order to be eligible for obtaining a visa to study in Italy. It is the first procedure in a series of procedures that need to be undertaken if you’re applying to a university in Italy.

Where do you fill the pre-enrolment form?

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic , the pre-enrolment form used to be filled at the Italian embassy (New Delhi) or consulates (Kolkata and Mumbai) in India. However , due to the pandemic , the pre-enrolment form is now to be filled online through the website.

Documents required during pre-enrolment:

This is a general idea about which documents are required during the pre-enrolment process. Some universities require additional documents so you should mail the university you’re enrolling to first and ask them about the documents that need to be uploaded during the pre-enrolment process. For example, the University of Sapienza requires the DoV to be submitted during the pre-enrollment process itself while others don’t.

⦁ A scan of your passport (page with photo and personal details)
⦁ A passport-sized photo of your face
⦁ Class 12 ISC or CBSE marks sheet (high school diploma/transcript)

What if the board hasn’t published the results at the time of pre-enrolment?

In that case, you would have to contact your school who would give you a certificate or predictory mark sheet.

⦁ Language certificate – IELTS or TOEFL (if you’ve done your schooling from an English medium school in India, you don’t need the IELTS or TOEFL for most universities. However, for the universities of Biccoca and Parma, the IELTS or TOEFL is required). It’s best to contact the university and double-check to be sure.

⦁ DoV – This document is only required by some universities during pre-enrolment. For this document, you need to call up the embassy or consulate general of Italy and they will guide you through the process to obtain the DoV.

You’re going to have to obtain it later anyway so it’s better to do this as and when you’re doing the pre-enrolment process.

The contact details of the consulate generals and the embassy of Italy in India are given below :

Consulate general of Italy (Kolkata) :
Phone : +91 033 24792414
Email : [email protected]

Consulate general of Italy (Mumbai)
Phone : +91 02223804071
Email : [email protected]

Embassy of Italy ( New Delhi) :
Phone : +91 01126114355
Email : [email protected]

Step 1 : Pre-registration*

*Keep in mind that this step is only required if you are applying to the University of Turin, Pavia, or Messina. If you aren’t planning to apply to any of those universities then skip this step and go to the second step.

For the universities of Pavia , Turin and Messina , you will first have to apply to them through their websites and wait to receive a pre-acceptance letter.
Upon having received your pre-acceptance letter from the university you wish to apply to , you must then proceed to the next step which is pre-enrollment.

The links to the sites of the universities which require pre-registration are given below. You can apply to these universities through their websites:

University of Turin
Deadline : 28th April , 2021 (already passed at the time of writing this article)
Where? :
University of Pavia
Deadline : 23rd July , 2021
Where ? :
University of Messina
Deadline : 30th June , 2021
Where? :

Step 2 : Pre-enrollment
You can also refer to this video for a better understanding on the pre-enrollment procedure

For universities other than Turin , Pavia and Messina , this step should be your first step.
Say you’ve decided which university you want to apply to and you’ve mailed the university asking them about the documents which need to be submitted during the pre-enrolment. You can now follow the steps below and get going with the pre-enrollment procedure :

Step (I): Sign up on the website.

Click on “why and how to register” and sign up to make an account on the website.

Note: To prevent any hassle later , make sure you fill in the correct and accurate details as they appear on your passport

Step (ii):
After you’ve successfully registered on the website, you can start the pre-enrollment process by clicking on “apply now” under the “International students 2021” dropdown bar. Thereon, you will be directed to a series of forms (Steps A , B and C).

Step (iii):
You will now need to fill three pages of forms (step A , step B and step C) :

Step A

After clicking on “apply now” , the “Step A” form window will open. Fill in the details and proceed to the next step.
Step B
In this step , you will need to fill the “step B” form where you will also be asked to upload a passport sized photo of your face and a scan of your passport (page with your photo and your details)


After uploading a scan of your passport and a passport-sized photo of your face, you will need to fill in some details regarding the visa I.e., in which consulate general or embassy you will be applying for the visa and why.


Italy (one in Mumbai and the other in Kolkata) and the embassy is in New Delhi. You need to choose the consulate general or the embassy where you will be applying for the visa after you have given your IMAT in September. It would be wiser to choose the city which is closer to the city you reside in.

You will then need to fill in the course details and the name of the university you will be applying to (keep in mind that Indian students can only apply to 1 medical university).

Select the name of the university you’re applying to and under the course type , select “Laurea magistrale a ciclo unico” (in English , it would be “single cycle master’s degree”).
After filling the “step B” form , you can then proceed to the final “step C” of the pre-enrollment form.

Step C
In this step , you need to upload all the relevant documents of qualification which your university has asked for. For a more accurate idea about what is to be uploaded , you need to mail the university you’re applying to. Usually, it is:

⦁ Your class 12 ISC/CBSE marks sheet (high school diploma/transcript)
⦁ Language certificate (IELTS or TOEFL) if you wish.

Note that some universities like Biccoca and Parma require either the IELTS or the TOEFL to apply so mail the university you are applying to for a more accurate idea of what you need to upload.

⦁ Pre-acceptance letter (only for the universities which require pre-registration I.e., Pavia , Messina and Turin)
⦁ DoV (this is only required by some universities during the pre-enrolment process , however , it’s best to confirm with the university of your choice by mailing them).

You can also refer to this video for the pre-enrollment process :

Embassy of Italy (New Delhi) :

Consulate general (Mumbai) :

Consulate general (Kolkata) :




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