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    (33) Over the last twenty years the number of people, including children, classed as overweight, and therefore at risk of serious health problems, has risen alarmingly. This trend could be caused by an increase in the amount people eat or by a decrease in the amount of exercise they take.

    Most of us exercise less than people did twenty years ago, and the average number of calories

    consumed per person is now less than it was twenty years ago. So the increase in the number

    of overweight people is clearly caused by lack of exercise. Thus the government does not need

    to worry about trying to change people’s diets.

    Which one of the following identifies the flaw in this argument?

    A Some people may exercise more than the average.

    B Some individuals may have increased their calorie intake.

    C The government may need to worry about costs to the health service.

    D Children may use up more calories through exercise than adults.

    E Some individuals may have health problems which cause an increase in weight.