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    (26) Migratory birds which are unable to fly long distances without resting have to use the shortest

    distance over water in their flights to and from Africa, and so they cross at the Straits of

    Gibraltar. It is essential for these birds, some of which are very rare, that the route remains

    open. For that reason, it is important that plans to build electricity-generating wind farms on the

    hills surrounding the Straits of Gibraltar do not go ahead.

    Which one of the following is an assumption on which this argument depends?

    A The birds that migrate across the Straits of Gibraltar are close to extinction.

    B Electricity-generating wind farms have to be built on hills.

    C The planned wind farms will make it dangerous for migratory birds to use their route.

    D Other species of bird can fly further and can thus use other routes in their migration.

    E There are no plans to build wind farms at other places along the coast.