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    Nicolas Sanchez

    An animal cell is surrounded by a very dilute glucose solution which has a lower concentration of glucose than the glucose solution in the cytoplasm of the cell. There is net movement of glucose molecules and water molecules into the cell.
    A second, identical cell is treated for a short time with a chemical which inhibits respiration. The cell is then surrounded by the same glucose solution.
    Which row in the table shows the effect of this chemical on the movement of glucose molecules into the cell and the movement of water molecules across the cell surface membrane immediately after it is surrounded by the solution?

    [see table below for answer choices]

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  • BMAT 2018 Section 2 Q21

  • Paris

    July 21, 2021 at 9:54 am
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    Respiration is inhibited. Therefore, glucose is not consumed in the cell and the glucose concentration is not going down. So there is no need for glucose to move into the cell. On the other hand, the concentration of the cell’s cytoplasm is higher than the solution which means that water will still move in the cell.

    The answer is A.