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Study Techniques and Time Management – Studying 12 Hours Every Day

Get to personally know me, my study techniques, how I maximize efficiency, results, and long term retention.

Ari Horesh · December 11, 2020

Welcome to our first ever course on effective studying!

During my time streaming, I got a lot of questions on how I study so much and what I do to get high grades. I decided to make a mini-course together with my friend and flatmate Shalev that goes over some of our ideas about studying and the techniques we use. We’re both quite different in terms of our strengths and perceptions about studying so we thought it would allow us to offer different perspectives.

We’re first going to go over a couple of scientifically proven effective study techniques, we’ll then zoom out and discuss some other aspects of your life that impact studying, then finally we’ll wrap it up with ways we suggest to implement the things we discuss.

We really appreciate you checking out the course and hope you derive more value from it than the price you paid 😉

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