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Medicine. Is. Hard. Especially studying it in Italy. Although not for the reasons you may think.


Hey guys, my name is Serra and I'm now a 5th year medical student in La Sap. I wrote this article when I was in 1st year and you can find the full version of it here on acadimat 🙂

It’s no secret that medicine is a lot of work. One of the hardest subjects to get into world-wide, with also one of the highest drop out rates.We are constantly bombarded by new information, topics and subjects, in detail I could have never imagined the possibility of.

The reason why studying medicine in Italy is particularly difficult is because, well, they expect you to be a responsible adult. For a lot of people (especially for me) this is a huge change from what I’m previously used to. As a notorious and chronic procrastinator I’ve been finding it a bit hard to flourish in this environment. Stressed trying to review the immense coursework we had in the limited amount of time I had. If only I was a responsible adult and did a little bit of work through out the year, how much easier it would have been.

There’s no need to study from morning till night, it’s a very manageable course if you’re efficient about it. Thankfully I learnt my lesson (even if it was the hard way) without having to finish first year with poor grades, however this was the most difficult thing I learnt in medical school so far.

Please hear my warning if you too are a chronic procrastinator. The responsibility is massive, you just need to keep on top of your revision by sacrificing an hour or two a week.

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Ahaahaha, my First medical year in turkey (which i recently just finished at the end of july) was almost word for word as what you said. But i must admit, I studied tirelessly, pouring in hours and hours for those exams. my social life plummeted ( to be honest not knowing turkish in the capital is basically a death sentence anyway). the professors werent the best, and shuffling through government bureaucracy throughout the first semester really put me under pressure. my first exam (which was super easy by the way), I only managed to get a 53%. I was heartbroken , i went back and practically lived in the library "summarizing" everything  i read upon (really i just copied it word for word liek a robot, Absolutely useless! I beg of you to never summarize in that manner, word it in your own, consice way!). And after alll that time, studying until the library literally closed everyday, i only managed a measly 62%... Honestly if it wasn't for covid causing us all to quarantine i would have lost my mind and my sanity, i was able to reform the ways of studying but i still have a long way to go. I've been seriously considering to transfer to italy, and have also signed up to the IMAT (would you recommend i give it my all? I fear that my credits might not be accepted and would have wasted a year, something im struggling on if i should sacrifice for a better lifestyle in Italy because Ankara is quite boring to be honest).


[I'm still shocked you only say an hour or two to revise for the WEEK, meanwhile id spend 6 hours a day]


I know i was really all over the place with this reply but i do genuinely appreciate this post for all its amazingly eye opening points. even if you don't reply onto this clearly desperate post haha.. I wish you all the best in Bari and your studies  Ms. Serra!


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Posted : 16/08/2020 12:29 pm