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6 Reasons To Study Medicine In Italy

Why should I study medicine in Italy?
When people think about studying medicine, they normally assume high-quality education must mean high tuition costs. But what if I told you there exists a country where one can study in a prestigious university while not having to take out all their savings and end up drowning in debt? ITALY delivers quality education without the unwanted downsides that come with medical school admission. Let’s look at 6 reasons why studying medicine in Italy may just be the best decision you’ll make as an aspiring MD candidate.

Simple Admission:
Italy is unique in that the admission process does NOT require an interview, letters of recommendation, a resume, or a minimum GPA. The universities use a single exam called the IMAT (International Medical Admissions Test) to select candidates; students are ranked according to their scores. Here are the few things the Italian universities do require for admission (and yes, we know it seems too good to be true):

  • A single admission exam, called the IMAT, is in English and is administered in more than 20 different cities around the world. Takes place once a year, normally in September.
  • A secondary school/high school diploma or equivalent certificate.
  • 3 A-levels completed, or 3 AP exams passed or a Psychometry score above 400. (Depending on which country you completed secondary school/high school)
  • English language certificate (Only required for certain countries of residence and universities, please check with your embassy and the university you are applying to)


Low Fees:

  • Tuition:
    The average tuition fee of a public university is approximately 1,200 EUR per year. Public university tuition ranges between 0-5,000 EUR per year, while private university tuition ranges from 3,000-35,000 EUR per year. The exact amount depends on the income and financial state of the student’s family. The cost of tuition for public universities in Italy is incredibly low compared to other European countries and the US, thanks to government funding. Scholarships and financial assistance are also available.


  • Cost of Living:
    Overall living costs for students in Italy normally range from 700-1,000 EUR per month, the amount largely depends on the city. Larger cities like Rome and Milan will be more expensive compared to smaller cities like Pavia and Turin


  • English Language (Non Parlo Italiano? No problem)
    There are 13 public universities and 4 private universities that have medical degree programs taught entirely in English. All exams and study materials are in English as well. Your Italian language skills will not be needed nor tested until your third year of school when you will be interacting with Italian patients.


  • Highly Ranked and Prestigious
    Italian medical schools are internationally recognized and well respected globally with hundreds of years of experience. These schools are some of the oldest in Europe and at the forefront of the medical field. Many of the programs are comfortably ranked beside the top universities in the world. Equipped with the newest technology and renowned facilities, the quality of education is beyond doubt.


  • Internationally Recognized Degrees
    Your medical degree will be recognized all over the world. Upon passing the respective country’s licensing exam, you will be able to specialize and practice in Europe, the UK or the US. (Please note, receiving a US medical license is dependent on many different factors and may not be possible by the time you graduate)


  • Culture and Beauty
    Last but certainly not least, Italy is the place you want to be when you find yourself in need of a well-deserved break from your studies. The country boasts 51 UNESCO world heritage sites and a diverse natural landscape of snowy mountains, crystal blue seas, and rolling hills covered with vineyards. With an impressive and organized transportation system, traveling is a breeze. You’ll be able to get around easily and inexpensively while searching for the best pizza and wine or nightlife. Plus, many other exciting bordering countries are just a train ride away.

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