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This IMAT course will be published right before IMAT 2021 (around August 2021) to the public. My patrons have the opportunity to support me and help me fund this non-profit project while getting early access to this course, give me feedback, and help me improve it over time until the public release!


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Ari Horesh · December 20, 2020

Study Medicine In English In Italy – IMAT 2021 Course

Hello everyone! My name is Ari Horesh, and I am a 2nd-year medical student at the University of Pavia, Italy. Welcome to my IMAT Exam course! As a medical student myself, I am aware of the monopoly that exists in the market and the lack of order and affordable courses and study materials. When I decided to study medicine and chose Italy, I immediately started searching for an online course that will cover all of the exam material. I was under the impression that to study medicine in English in Italy and pass the IMAT exam, you have to pay for a preparation course, and without one, you’ll most likely fail.

After registering to one myself, I realized how possible it is for everyone who is serious and wants to study medicine in Italy is to self-study for this exam. 

Ever since I am a medical aspirant, I am working full time (while studying medicine) on this project, and after 2 years of hard work, collaboration with multiple institutions (such as Rice University, USA), and collecting donations from amazing and generous people with the same mindset as we have here on EnterMedSchool – I was able to work on the most comprehensive online IMAT course that is available today.

When I initiated the non-profit project “EnterMedSchool,” I had no idea how big it would get. However, last year (2020), we ran a free crash course zoom class (12-hour marathon before the IMAT exam), and we helped thousands of students from all over the world take and pass the IMAT exams. I actually have a couple of friends that used EnterMedSchool themselves last year!

So.. after more than two years of working on the biggest project in my life, I am more than excited to announce the official beta release of the most comprehensive IMAT course available. Unlike many others, it will be absolutely free! The Beta is available for Patrons only to host the project and the new app and create all of the study materials we upload to the course! I will officially release the course very soon, so please download our app and enable push notifications!

This IMAT Course was written by medical students who have passed the exam and enrolled in the most competitive medical schools in Italy, and it is absolutely FREE.

See you in Italy, good luck!

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Biology Unit 1: The Basics
Biology Unit 2: The Cell
Biology unit 3: Inheritance
biology unit 4: evolution
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