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Ancona Medicine in English

Medicine in English At The University of Ancona!

Breaking News Prospective Med Students! This year, as far as we have known, the list of Public Universities available for a Single Cycle’s Masters in Medicine in English were about 15 options. Here’s a list as a reminder:

So, what’s this Breaking News?

Well, lucky for you all we have caught wind of a brand new University– in a charming, peaceful city that will be seemingly opening its doors for a brand new Medicine and Surgery course for the academic year 2022/2023. *The course is waiting for MIUR approval.

Now to some of you, this might come as a worry- as it is just one more choice to your decision-making list. To this I say, worry not- we will be publishing a comprehensive list of any and all Public Universities- comparing extensively each area in Italy that offers an English clinical program, the typical cost for many everyday items as well as fixed expenses, the all-year climate, and which colleges are accessible there incredibly soon- so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that!  To alleviate some of your fears, let’s look at some broad factors to consider with the University of Marche.

Partnership – Circulartourism

  • The University was founded in 1969 and has about 18,000 students across a range of faculties such as Agriculture, Economics, Engineering, and Medicine and Surgery (The new Faculty) some more science courses.

Ancora Medicine in Italy The agriculture campus, look how modern and sunny!

  • The admission process overall follows the same Public University Process, IMAT and all. If you’d like to familiarise yourself with that, look here.
  • It ranks an impressive 628th Globally and 34th Nationally as of 2016.
  • The University also seems to offer scholarships and several opportunities as such! Read here for more.
  • Some new course details have been released; The aims of the course are described to go into line with Medicine and Technology, including Biomedical Engineering Skills, how interesting!

  • It’s said that graduates of the 6-year, 360 credit program can practice the Medical profession, as well as obtain a Master’s or PhD in Biomedical Engineering in the Industrial field, which is an incredible duality for those who find interest in both Engineering and Medicine.
  • Similar to HUMANITAS, this new course combines 3 years of bioengineering disciplines and 3 years of clinical practice. Subsequently, your career choices can be broad and versatile.
It seems as though they follow intricate teaching methods.
  • Here, you can find a virtual campus tour.
  • The University seems to promise incredibly high statistics; with 99% employability after graduation, 90% of reportedly satisfied students, 88% of which satisfied with their Professors.
  • Lastly, we can look at the lovely province of Andora. The province of Ancona is located in Central Italy’s Marche region. Its capital is Ancona, and the province is bordered by the Adriatic Sea. The Adriatic Sea borders the province to the north, while the Apennine Mountains border it to the west. This is a huge advantage, as you can bask in the glory of sunny Ancora and even visit its beautiful views while still being in Central Italy!

15 Best Things to Do in Ancona (Italy) - The Crazy Tourist

Almost Heaven-like, no?

  • Let’s talk weather: how’s it like through the seasons? Well, nothing too surprising for Italy, Winters are expected to be cold and foggy with the lowest temperatures ranging from 0-10° celsius. Summer is quaint, sunny and humid, going up to an impressive 30° celsius.


Climate and average monthly weather in Ancona (Marche), Italy


  • It actaully has quite an impressive University Hospital for clinical years, The Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria Ospedali Riuniti Ancona (AOR). The staff has extensive expertise in worldwide academic research, and the hospital is the largest in the Marche area. The organization employs over 3,500 people, including 120 university professors.
    AOR is particularly interested in ICT solutions and technologies for a more connected and efficient e-Health future.

Sistema di Prenotazioni


  • And the most popular question; what are the living expenses like? Well, we can take a look here, with this photo, as well as on the personally recommended site Numbeo.
Cost of Living & Prices in Ancona: rent, food, transport

Now, what do you all think about this new opportunity?

We’d love to hear any thoughts you have regarding this exciting news!

If you’re putting the University of Marche’s new Medicine and Surgery Course at the top of your list and would like to begin looking into study material and help- I advise you to look at our Ultimate 2022 Guide, which is great for beginners alongside our recently updated Planner. If you’ve familiarised yourself enough and need a push to score appropriately, here’s our exclusive Summer 2022 Classes, which have limited (only 3!) seats left. Reserve your seat here before registrations end!

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