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Our Hardship program for IMAT 2024 Is now Open.

Welcome to EnterMedSchool’s Financial Hardship Scholarship Program. Since 2022, we offer tens of thousands of euros worth of private coaching and seats in paid classes to help aspiring medical students achieve their dreams, free of charge.

In addition to our paid classes, we provide free study materials to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to apply to medical schools. We are proud to offer the best study material in the Italian IMAT market, and our paid classes enable us to run this scholarship program while maintaining a high level of quality.

However, we understand that some students face significant challenges in life that limit their ability to enroll in our program.

We have been contacted by students living in war-torn countries, students with chronically ill parents unable to work, and students experiencing financial hardships such as difficulty paying rent.

In this article, we will discuss how our scholarship program can help students overcome these challenges and pursue their dream of attending medical school.

Who is eligible?

Are you facing challenging circumstances that prevent you from pursuing your dream of attending medical school? Our Financial Hardship Scholarship Program may be able to help. To be eligible for the program, your situation should align with one of the following criteria:

  • You are currently living in a country or state that is facing war or significant violence, posing a threat to your safety.
  • You are experiencing domestic or parental abuse, which puts your safety at risk.
  • You are unable to work due to significant caregiving responsibilities for ill or disabled family members or dependents.
  • You are unable to work due to a significant personal illness or disability.
  • Despite regularly working, you have no disposable income due to significant financial responsibilities for your family’s necessary expenses, such as rent, food, and heating. Additionally, your household’s cumulative annual income is below the median income for your country, and the value of your assets is less than one year of annual revenue.

On the other hand, if you are an able-bodied student who lacks the necessary funds simply because you choose not to take on part-time work to pay for the program, you are not eligible for this scholarship. We reserve this program for students who face genuine financial hardship and need assistance to pursue their medical education.


To determine the eligibility and scholarship tier for applicants, we use a weighted scoring system based on the following factors. Assign a score to each factor, and calculate the weighted sum to determine the total score. Then, use the total score to assign the applicant to a scholarship tier.

  1. Living situation (weight: 4)
    • War-torn country or significant violence (score: 4): Living in a location where conflict or violence is ongoing, and daily life is significantly disrupted.
    • Domestic or parental abuse (score: 3): Experiencing ongoing abuse at home that puts the applicant’s safety and well-being at risk.
    • Natural disaster or other crisis (score: 2): Affected by a recent natural disaster or crisis that has disrupted the applicant’s life or caused substantial damage to their home or community.
    • No applicable situation (score: 0)
  2. Caregiving responsibilities (weight: 3)
    • Significant caregiving responsibilities (score: 3): Providing daily care for ill or disabled family members or dependents, leaving little time for personal pursuits, such as work or education.
    • Moderate caregiving responsibilities (score: 1): Providing occasional care for family members or dependents, which may sometimes impact the applicant’s availability for work or education.
    • No caregiving responsibilities (score: 0)
  3. Personal illness or disability (weight: 3)
    • Significant personal illness or disability (score: 3): Dealing with a chronic or severe health condition that substantially limits the applicant’s ability to work or attend school.
    • Moderate personal illness or disability (score: 1): Experiencing a health condition that causes some limitations but does not severely impact the applicant’s ability to work or attend school.
    • No significant personal illness or disability (score: 0)
  4. Financial situation (weight: 4)
    • No disposable income, below median income, and low assets (score: 4): The applicant’s household income is below the median for their country, and they have little to no disposable income after covering basic living expenses.
    • Some disposable income and/or above median income, but still facing financial difficulties (score: Not eligible): The applicant has some disposable income but may still struggle to cover the cost of the program due to other financial obligations or unexpected expenses.
    • No financial hardship (score: Not eligible)
  5. Academic performance in High School or College (weight: 2)
    • Outstanding academic performance (score: 2): The applicant has consistently achieved high grades and demonstrated exceptional dedication to their studies.
    • Average academic performance (score: 1): The applicant has generally achieved satisfactory grades, with no major academic issues.
    • Below-average academic performance (score: 0): The applicant has consistently struggled academically or experienced significant academic setbacks.
  6. Personal motivation and goals
    • Strong motivation and clear, well-defined goals (score: 0.5): The applicant demonstrates a strong desire to pursue a medical education and has a clear vision of their future career path.
    • Moderate motivation and somewhat defined goals (score: 0.2): The applicant is interested in pursuing a medical education but may not have fully developed career goals or plans.
    • No clear motivation or goals (score: Not eligible)
  7. Previous IMAT exam performance
    • Score above 40 (score: 1)
    • Score above 30 (score: 0.5)
    • Score under 29.9 (score: 0)
  8. Mandatory: Previous engagement with free materials (weight: 2)
    • Completed free materials and actively helps others in the community (score: 1)
    • Completed free materials but not active in the community (score: 0.5)
    • Has not completed the free materials or is not active in the community (score: Not eligible)
    • Ari will assess this section during an interview with the applying student.

Total Score = (Living Situation Score * 4) + (Caregiving Responsibilities Score * 3) + (Personal Illness or Disability Score * 3) + (Financial Situation Score * 4) + (Academic Performance Score * 2) + (Personal Motivation and Goals Score * 2) + (IMAT Exam Performance Score * 2) + (Engagement and Community Involvement Score * 2)

How To Apply

If you believe that you meet the eligibility criteria for our Financial Hardship Scholarship Program, we encourage you to apply by sending an email to with the following email subject line:

[email protected]

[Your Full Name] EnterMedSchool Financial Hardship Scholarship Application

In the body of your email, please provide a detailed overview of your current financial situation, including reasons that support your circumstances. We also ask that you describe the short-term, mid-term, and long-term impact of your financial status, including any relevant numbers or figures. Please also include any supporting documents that can back up the events and details that you’ve described in your email. These documents can include payslips, hospital records, doctor’s letters, government support payments, or any other relevant information.*

Please refer to the factors above and mention all of them, relevant or not, in the body of the email, attaching the relevant documents for each claim.

Documents You Must Submit And 1-on-1 Interview After Submission

Please review the following details carefully as the team won’t answer emails with no documents attached to them.

  • DoV
  • Passport + ID
  • Proof of pre-erollment (unless it’s too early)
  • Salaries and yearly income of care takers of the past 2 years.
  • Proof of address and the size of the apartment/house (By providing gas, water and electricity bill with the names of the parents)
  • Proof of current studies (if the students is still in high school, or already started a course or a foundation year in a university)
  • The email must be sent from the same email that used our free resources on our website – please note that only people who used our free resources first are eligible for a scholarship.
  • If mentioned in the email: Provide proof of the health status of the individual applying or someone in the nuclear family of the applicant.
  • If mentioned in the email: any other document proving any facts stated in the email.

We also ask that you explain why you are interested in joining our program and how receiving financial support will help you achieve your learning goals.

Once you have provided all information, our scholarship team will carefully assess your application using a multi-point system to determine the appropriate level of financial support we can offer you through our scholarship program.

*In some cases, we may request additional documentation to support your application. The safest form of financial information you can provide is an income tax summary provided by your government’s tax department. Even if you are not aware of paying taxes, any individual who earns any amount of income (even in the form of government benefits) will have an income tax summary.

Students who fit the requirement will have a 1-on-1 interview with Ari, making sure they used the free study materials and the platform to its fullest. Ari will ask multiple questions during the interview, to assess and confirm the level of the student and their eligibility to his courses. If you still didn’t fully use the free materials on the website, but you are intrested in applying, you can still apply, and finish the materials by the end of June, 2024.

Application Confidentiality

We take the privacy of our applicants very seriously. Your scholarship application and any accompanying documentation will be used solely for the purpose of assessing your eligibility for our Financial Hardship Scholarship Program.

We will not disclose your personal information to any third parties without your consent, except in the case of any legal obligations or requirements.

After you have received your final answer from us, all documents and emails related to your application will be deleted from our systems within 72 hours, unless you have given us explicit permission to keep them for future reference.

We understand the sensitivity and confidentiality of your personal information, and we will handle your application with the utmost care and discretion.