Hey! My name is Ari Horesh, I am a medical students at Pavia,

and this is how I’ve created the most comprehensive IMAT course available today:

In 2019, I was in your shoes: An aspiring medical student, I enrolled in an IMAT preparation course that drained my wallet. It was great, but expensive. Now, after passing the admission exam, I reflected back on that experience and realized that: “There has to be a better, more affordable way to study for the admission exams.”

After doing a lot of research I noticed a gaping void online. The quality of IMAT preparation content was underwhelming at best, and I knew something had to change. This drove me to halt my studies in 2021 for two years! and dedicate myself wholeheartedly to building a top-notch, yet affordable, IMAT resource. The course I’ve built is not just an answer to the pricey options out there, but a testament to quality, affordability, and real results.

Students who’ve embarked on this journey with me haven’t just passed the IMAT; they’ve scored in the top 1%, landing spots in the most competitive medical schools in Italy. Many of them still use the same techniques and concepts I discussed in my course now as medical students.

By September 2023, my courses have been a beacon of knowledge for over 380 students, both in group settings and personalized sessions. And it’s not just about textbook knowledge. We delve deep, crafting habits, decoding mistakes, strategizing, and even teaching students to think like exam setters. Every tricky topic, every common blunder – we’ve got it covered.

Your participation does more than just fund your success. It propels the entire project forward. By 2024, we aim to launch three more FREE IMAT books, giving countless students the tools to succeed without a price tag. This course has allowed me to pour back into the community. I’ve granted over 73,000 EUR in scholarships, offered free private sessions, free scholarship and visa consultation for people from 3rd world countries who want to build their future, and much more.

It’s all thanks to the generous people who enrolled in my courses.

Diving into the Course Content

IMAT Study Planner
Build Great Foundations

The IMAT study planner we offer has been proven to be the most effective way to prepare for the exam. This comprehensive 8-week program provides students with a head start and enables them to cover the most important material from specific books with ease.

1,000+ Lessons & Videos
And More Are Added!

This video playlist is the most comprehensive resource available, covering all important exam topics in detail, analyzing questions, highlighting common traps, providing test-taking strategies, and offering guidance on time management.

PDFs: Dozens of Notes

Get access to our extensive collection of private class PDFs, containing thousands of practice questions and comprehensive summaries of key exam topics. Plus, we’re constantly adding new content to help you excel on the exam.

Analysis of Past Papers and Different Exams

I teach students how to analyze and approach different types of exams, improving their exam performance and boosting their confidence. Through reviewing past papers and various exam formats and not only the IMAT, students will develop effective strategies for any type of exam they will have to face.

Members-Only Forums and Community
Get Your Questions Answered!

Private active forum with my team and I to answer your questions! It will also allow you to gain access and see all questions that were ever asked on the forums, using these to practice with as well! The community is one of the most efficient ways to find your weakspots while also staying accountable.

Practice Questions and Simulators
Right Before The Exam!

Our question bank is designed to provide targeted practice, simulating the exam format and covering core concepts, rather than just dry facts. Unlike generic question banks, our questions will help you truly test your understanding and prepare effectively for the exam.

Optional: Coaching with Ari
From Now Until the Exam!

Optional:  Do you need someone to help you find your weakspots? Personalized your study planner? Schedule with you? Help you find the right resources at the right time? I am here for that! You can choose to have me as your private coach from now all the way until the exam if you want to have someone who can guide you through the entire preparation process.

Optional: IMAT University!
3 Months of Intense Live Classes

Optional: In addition to coaching and an extensive collection of study materials, you’ll have the opportunity to join my live class for three months. With four sessions per week, including practice question marathons, this course is designed to build solid foundations and cover all important exam concepts from scratch.

Overall Admission Rate



Ari’s Student Admission Rate*

Here Is What My Students Have To Say!

Darius, Stella, and Ujjwal – my top students from the class of 2022, who are now studying at the top universities in Italy. These remarkable individuals will share their firsthand experience of using my course, and how it helped them achieve success on the exam.

Top 0.7%

Darius Duhan

University of Pavia


Top 1.5%

Stella Khine

University of Turin


Top 0.4%

Ujjwal Ujjain

University of Pavia



Join The Club!

Become a part of our close-knit community of students who are enjoying the best IMAT preparation content online. With our support, personal feedback, and guidance, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goal of becoming a medical student in Italy. Join us today and take the first step towards your dream career.

Please note that if you used the 2023 course but still didn’t pass the exam, I will give you free access for another year until you take the admission exam in 2024. All packages also include our upcoming study techniques course that we will release in 2024!

    Full IMAT 2023 2024 Online Course (All-in-One)

    A cost-effective option for individuals who prefer self-directed learning. August 2023 Update: Buy it now to get access all the way until IMAT 2024.

    € 489

    Tax Vat included
    What’s Inside? Our IMAT prep package has everything you need:
    • 🎥 700+ Videos to help you review the material.
    • ❓ Practice questions to test your knowledge.
    • 💬 Private forum to discuss with others.
    • 🎉 Well, and everything else mentioned above!.
      – Benefits:
    • ⚔️ Find and fix what you don’t know, build a proper exam strategy, and understand what to do in the last moment before the exam.
    • 🧠 Learn smart ways to study and remember that material better.
    • 🕒 Get better at managing your time on exam day.
      – 🤔💭Want a Sneak Peek? Not sure if this course is for you? I am always available for you on WhatsApp: +393756123111. – Note: This package includes everything listed here, except “private coaching” and “IMAT University”. For more info on those, keep scrolling!Payment Option: You can use Klarna in some countries to split your payment into 4 parts. – 🎁 Bonus: All packages also include our upcoming study techniques course that we will release in 2024!

      Save 33%

      Sale until 31/12/2023 12:00 am

      € 2099

      IMAT University 2024 – Live Lessons and Individual Coaching

      Planning on taking the IMAT next year and interested in our course? Enroll now to gain 1.5 years of advanced access to our online content, as well as secure a spot in our 2024/25 live class at a significantly reduced rate (33% off)!

      € 1399

      Tax Vat included
      Why Choose This Course?
      • 📚 Expert-Led Guidance: Get a structured roadmap with an experienced tutor leading the way.
      • 🚀 Comprehensive Prep: More than just lessons. From personally tracking your progress to identifying areas of improvement, I’ve got you covered by meeting you consistently before the exam and personlized your study plan.
      • 🕒 Flexible Yet Focused: While the exact timings are still to be set, expect over 60 hours of invaluable live sessions discussing and teaching the most important material, plus a treasure trove of course videos for an edge in your prep.
        Class Dynamics:
      • 🔍 Limited Seats, Maximized Attention: Small batch, ensuring individual attention! Perfect for people who like structure and prefer to have someone to guide them along the way!
      • 🧐 Dive Deeper: Prepared to move beyond the basics? We’ll dissect advanced content, review crucial videos, and challenge you with the toughest questions out there.
      • 🤖 For The Committed: Ideal for those ready to invest time, and keen to deepen their understanding. The class doesn’t start from scratch and fits people who know how to pre-study before the lessons. This is a unique approach that allows me to discuss some very challenging aspects of the material.
        Get Started:
      • 📞 Immediate Queries? I’m just a WhatsApp message away: +393756123111.
      • 💸 Early Bird Offer: 33% discount for those who commit early.
      • 🛍 Payment Flexibility: Use Klarna for convenient installment options.
      • 🤔 Is This Right For You? Every learner is unique. Let’s chat and ensure this course aligns with your learning style and aspirations.
      • 🎁 Bonus: All packages also include our upcoming study techniques course that we will release in 2024!

        IMAT University 2023 (5th of June Until The IMAT)

        3 Months, 4 times per week from June until the exam, learn the concepts from scratch in this class! (*Recordings available* – It is possible to join a bit later and catch up with the class, email Ari!)

        € 1749

        Tax Vat included
        This comprehensive program spans three months and involves intensive studying, engaging in study marathons, participating in live Q&A sessions to address frequently asked questions and important topics, and thoroughly covering fundamental material from the ground up. It is an ideal option for individuals who appreciate structure and desire a knowledgeable guide to support them throughout the entire learning process, providing instruction, and tracking their advancement. It’s a small class, and only a few seats available.

          IMAT 2023 Online 1-on-1 Coaching with Ari Horesh

          Customized help and one-on-one sessions are available for students who seek to create personalized resources and identify their specific weak spots.

          € 1049

          Tax Vat included
          Everything in the previous package, and unlimited coaching sessions* will be available to you upon enrollment. In addition, you will have direct access to Ari’s WhatsApp number for personalized support throughout your journey. This coaching program will guide you through the study materials, answer your questions, and keep you on track until the exam. By working closely with me as your coach, we will be able to identify your weak spots and develop a customized strategy to achieve your specific goals, based on your subjective situation. *Based on my calendar of course! But I dedicate hours everyday for my students

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