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The 50+ Club – IMAT Online Course – Summer Class For The Italian Medical Admission Test (In English) – by Ari Horesh

Ari Horesh · October 3, 2021

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 Text summaries, 500+ video lessons tackling the most important questions and traps and crucial concepts, thousands of practice questions, an active recall section for important subjects, a question-solving dedicated forum, exam analysis, and new past paper answers written by a professional team of chemistry, biology, and even math and physics graduates! 

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Join this cycle of my class and get access to everything that is expected to be released and perfect your IMAT preparation!

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Ari’s IMAT Online Course

Hello everyone! My name is Ari Horesh, a medical student studying in the Harvey course at the University of Pavia and the founder of this website,

Ari Horesh - IMAT Online Class Teacher


In the last three years, ever since founding this project, I was able to help thousands of students, mainly from 3rd world countries, study for the IMAT exam, medicine in Italy and access scholarships that allow them to pursue their dreams. 

After requests from dozens of students I taught in the last couple of years, I decided that I would create an organized framework to help people focus on the highest-yield concepts, overcome the most challenging questions, and develop a solid exam strategy. These are things that I find many of my students lack during the early stages of our lessons together.  

We already offer plenty of free, high-quality study materials on this website, which are sufficient to study for and excel on the IMAT. This course is meant to offer you the extra edge over the competition.

Over the years of preparing students for the IMAT, I have noticed that there are difficult questions that few are meant to answer correctly. They are put in place to differentiate the good candidates from the great ones. After analyzing previous Cambridge Assessment exams, I have identified the skills and knowledge needed to answer these types of questions, as well as the traps they commonly use. I believe these are the things that can increase students’ chances of securing a spot in their desired university, especially as the competition in recent years has increased.

My course is unique as it shows a completely different approach to the exam and each question, in a way non of my past students saw before, but once they used it, they were able to avoid many common mistakes!

IMAT 2021 Score Analysis

In the past, the IMAT scores used to be much lower for both the non-European and European candidates. In the last couple of years, Italy has become quite popular among international students, and the scores reflect the trend.

As the competition in the last few years has risen there is much less room for error while taking this exam.

My Past Students – Testimonials 

IMAT Minimum Scores 2021

Out of the hundreds of students I have taught over the years, the average score of those who took three or more classes with me is 58, which was sufficient to get accepted into any medical school in Italy. Here is what some of them have to say:


IMAT Course Reviews

Scroll down if you want to see some of the screenshots from the chats I had with my current class students!

Why should you enroll in this online IMAT course?

There are plenty of free, high-quality study materials all over the internet. YouTube, for example, has millions of videos from channels such as “Ninja Nerd Science,” “Khan Academy,” and “AK Lectures”. However, having a sea of study material can be a double-edged sword. It is easy to lose focus and forget that the IMAT exam syllabus is specific and requires a deep understanding of the concepts beyond memorization.

After three years of analyzing all of the past papers of the IMAT, BMAT, TSA, and many more exams, I have learned how to study, what to study, and where to study from. Seeing as there are countless online resources, over time it has dawned on me that using my experience to give students the tools to do well works much better than teaching them the material from scratch.

I realized this after working and studying from home over the past two years. The fact that many students (including me) were revising for their exams mainly using YouTube and other online resources showed me that the teaching methods used in universities are outdated. Instead of reading from the same slides year after year, professors could refer us to specific online videos or their recordings from the year before. Then when we come to class, we could discuss the material and consolidate our understanding after having already gone through it the first time at home.

This course is built off this realization. It is entirely different from the traditional way of teaching. My students are expected to study the material using a study planner we will provide, and in the QnA and marathon sessions, we will cover various questions, discuss difficult concepts, and develop a toolset for approaching the exam.

I have used this method of teaching over the past few years, and it has worked wonders. My students developed a different approach on how to study efficiently, analyze previous exams, manage their time, and study on their own, which are all skills that are useful even during medical school. This paradigm shift is crucial when studying for such a competitive exam, and it will be the main focus of this online course.

So, if you are serious about enrolling, make sure you fit the following criteria:

  • You know you can study independently (as expected in all medical schools), and you want to work for a competitive score on the IMAT.
  • (Optional) You are already going to another IMAT preparation course. You want to extend your studies and understand the material even further, ensuring you are not missing some crucial aspects of the syllabus.
  • You are interested in live QnAs and question analysis marathon classes that I will run during the summer. 
  • You are willing to be active during these live sessions, as most of the study material will be provided based on the students’ questions and feedback (which I believe to be the best way to study – interactive lessons where we have discussions and understand the concepts together).
  • You want to have updated and detailed worked solutions for the most critical past questions of the IMAT and other exams and videos which analyze how to tackle these questions.
  • You know how to learn autonomously and can dedicate the necessary hours for a few months. 
  • You are open-minded about learning and trying different study techniques.

What will the course include? What should I expect?

IMAT Schedule and Planner

  • Starting From June – I will publish sixty hours of video recordings. All will be archives and accessible after June until IMAT 2022.
  • Feedback from the team, answers to your questions in a dedicated forum, and plenty of text summaries
  • Practice questions high yield and specific for the exam
  • An updated study planner will allow you to review the content from books you will use in medical school and give you a further, deeper understanding of the study material (the books are not included but can be found online).
  • Anki decks (or – flashcards) I am making myself, of the highest yield topics for the IMAT exam.
  • QnA sessions – analyzing past paper questions together and resolving any doubts.
  • Marathons, to cover as many questions as we can together and prepare as a group. 
  • Choosing a university together – analyzing the different universities’ pros and cons and discussing the various options as a group.

Discussing the pros and cons of this course

I believe in complete transparency, and I want to make sure to clarify a few things before you enroll in my course.

  • The course is very challenging, encompassing a vast amount of study material, and requires dedication.
  • The course and classes won’t teach you everything from scratch but will elaborate on what you should have already studied on your own using the website (EnterMedSchool) and other sources.
  • Beyond the fact that the price of this course is 1/10th of the usual market price, running this course will allow me to continue funding EnterMedschool and continue providing high-quality resources for free.
  • I will do my best to adjust based on your feedback and will try my best to accommodate student requests.
  • The course requires you to be active and send me a weekly report of your progress.
  • I am not a native English speaker. 

If you are interested in supporting EnterMedSchool while getting excellent materials, extra resources, questions, videos, and direct help, consider joining our 50+ club. 

To enroll in the course, click “Take this course” – for any questions feel free to contact me at [email protected] or by sending me a message on the website. 

I will see you soon!


By enrolling in this course, you agree to our terms.

P.S. If you can’t pay for the course, either because you are coming from a country where international credit cards and PayPal are forbidden, or you can’t afford the price, please send me an email.

Some Samples From Our IMAT Course!

Here is some raw footage you can find on the IMAT course! (all lessons include text lessons, flashcards, and near the IMAT also live classes, we have hundreds of lessons (yup, that’s not a typo, we are the only online course with that much content, and we are making more every day.))!

Analyzing past papers:


Private forum and archives for the class:

IMAT Study Material Online Course

About 1000 pages of PDFs of important chemistry and physics concepts:

IMAT Study Material Online Course

IMAT Study Material Online Course

Countless text lessons updating on a daily basis:

What do our current class students have to say so far?


IMAT Course Review

Thank you for the support everyone! See you soon in Italy. 

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