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What are the best books for IMAT 2021?

In this section, I am going to point out the books you should get to study along this course.  You can either download it or buy it.


“Pearson Biology A Global Approach Global Edition 11”

The best book to study for the biology section is “Pearson Biology A Global Approach Global Edition 11” Specific pages will be given along the course. you should study them thoughtfully, including the points I will summarize along with the lessons.  “Genetics for Dummies” and “Biology for Dummies” are two great books you can read after you finish with the Pearson book.


Like in biology, The course will follow along with a book. The best book to study for the chemistry section, in my opinion, is “Pearson Chemistry for the IB diploma

Two other great books are the SAT books for chemistry by Baron׳s!

Math and Physics:

along with some repetitive subjects, I will go through and explain with my lesson, there are two great books to study math and physics from, I will try my best to explain those topics, but notice that the best way to practice for the math and physics questions is to do a lot of practice questions from practice books.

Some great books to practice are Baron׳s MATH for level 1, and Physics for level 1

Critical thinking and Problem solving 

There are no good books to study from for this section, why? because all of them contain 0 practice questions, and the best (and probably) the only way to practice this question into practice questions. I will give you 7 skills, one for each question type in this section, along with a way of analyzing the problem-solving questions, if you want to see a full and detailed way of solving each and every IMAT question you can go and check out my course for that, but this is still yet far away, you should focus on the study itself.


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