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My Story: Why I Chose To Study Medicine In English In Italy?

Hello everyone! My name is Ari Horesh, and I am the owner and founder of this I am a second-year medical student at the University of Pavia; I am studying in English, in the oldest course in Italy for medical studies in the English language.

In the past few days I see, as in every year, many people who do not know which country to choose, which city to choose, and in general, how life is going to be if they decide to study medicine in Italy.

I decided to share my story, and many more in the future, to share my experience as a medical student who has gone through the whole process you are going through now.

My life before I chose to study medicine in Italy

In 2 months, I will be celebrating my 22nd birthday. Originally, I am from Israel. In Israel, after high school, we are required to serve three years in the army. Sometimes, in certain extreme cases, it is possible to be released from this obligation. Since I come from low socioeconomic status, I was discharged from the army. I spent the next three years working 12-16 hours a day, I cooked, cleaned, and probably washed more dishes than there are cells in your body, and frankly, I don’t regret any of it. I did all of it while only one thing kept floating in my mind: I want and I will enroll in a medical school. I still did not know that I would choose Italy.

After about a year and a half of work, I started researching medical schools abroad. Realizing that admission requirements for medical schools in my country are unrealistic, and figuring that I will probably end up selling both of my kidneys during the way just paying for courses only to improve scores of subjects like history and literature, I changed track and searched in which country In Europe I should study medicine.

Why did I choose to study medicine in Italy?

I was aware that medicine could be studied in Italy since I was in high school, but for some reason, I always had in mind that studying medicine in Italy, or Europe in general, is expensive. I was wrong. After talking with quite a few students from Italy, I prepared my list of pros and cons. I will share it with you, as I want to be as transparent and unbiased as possible, as I am not selling anything, and all of the study materials on this website are free.


– You can get a scholarship to study in Italy as a Non-EU
– The annual tuition fee is around 2000 euros on average! This is amazing!
– Living in Italy is significantly cheaper than Tel Aviv, even if you live in more expensive areas.
– I was looking for a change in life, and what is better than emigrating to another country?

– I will leave my home and will rarely see my parents.
– The beginning of a whole new life
– I don’t know the language
– Fear of anti-Semitism
– Uncertainty – Will I return to Israel after spending six years in Italy? Do I have a chance to work in my country?
– Relationships – Finding a partner in a foreign country without knowing its culture – it is a challenge, no doubt.

I was as honest with myself as I am with you. I was scared of this step, not even talking about the admissions test (IMAT) and the number of candidates that increase every year – I decided to take this step anyway, and I don’t regret it at any moment.

In the following stories, I will share with you my experiences after admission, so that you can adequately understand what it is like to study medicine in English in Italy, as an international student.

I wish you the best of luck ❤️


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