The IMAT Exam

The exam consists of 60 questions to be answered in 100 minutes. There are: 10 logical reasoning, 12 general knowledge, 18 biology, 12 chemistry, and 8 math and physics questions. Each correct answer awards 1.5 points, each incorrect answer deducts 0.4 points, and answers left blank are not counted.

IMAT Past Papers

Before starting to study for the entrance exam, it is recommended to attempt one of the past papers under exam conditions. Though you will likely not be able to solve many of the questions, this will allow you to understand the structure, content covered, and types of questions you will face.

How to study for the IMAT?

Admission to medical school in Italy is a challenge. We have established this community to provide the support needed to pass this test successfully.We teach the necessary study materials, provide courses for the exam, worked solutions for past papers, and so much more.By the way, everything is free.

Admission to medical school in Italy is a challenge. We have established this community to provide the support needed to pass this test successfully.

Universities In Italy For Medicine In English 

You can study Medicine in Italy in English at a wide range of universities, from north to south. Every university and city has different food, a different dialect, different people, and a completely different experience. The experience of learning in Italy is diverse, and through proper planning you can find the city that suits you.

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