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NEET: The 2 Year Study Plan

How can you study for the NEET exam?

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”

– Benjamin Franklin

Over 1.5 million aspirants. 100k seats. 1 exam. Seems like a daunting task, right? The problem with statistics like this is it doesn’t tell you any dependent factors aren’t demonstrated. Getting a seat not only in a medical college but in a government college doesn’t need a miracle or mindless hard work! All you need is strategy and discipline.

The goal of this article is to help give you a structure so that by the time NEET comes, you are prepared, not overworked, and you don’t face the situation where you end up not remembering things on exam day. I myself got AIR 1259 in NEET and this article is an accumulation of my experience as well as others who have contributed. 

Welcome to EnterMedSchool’s article on How to Study for NEET – The 2-Year Master Plan.

For the How to Study for NEET – The 1 Year Master Plan – coming soon

Table of Contents:

  1. Timeline
  2. How to Study Physics for NEET – The 2 year plan
  3. How to Study Chemistry for NEET  – The 2 year plan
  4. How to Study Biology for NEET  – The 2 year plan
  5. Miscellaneous Information 

The subject chapters will be divided into the subheadings:

  1. NCERT Books and Materials
  2. NEET Coaching Material and Your Notes
  3. Practice Questions
  4. Other Resources



This is the timeline I recommend. With COVID – 19 ending everything into disarray, you can modify this timeline by counting backward from the months before NEET.

  • 27- 24 months before NEET – This period is in your 10th vacation or just as 11th starts. You may or may not enroll in a coaching class at this time. It’s up to you and doesn’t make that much of a difference currently. The best utilization of this time is to check out the additional resources listed and get acquainted with them. This is also an ideal time to start studying math concepts. Even though it’s not a subject in NEET, this will greatly help you in physics and give you an extra edge over your competition. Check additional physics resources in this article under “How to study Physics for NEET – The 2-year plan.”


  • 22 – 14 months before NEET – This is the main portion of your 11th (Usually from July to March); anything further on about 11th refers to these months.


  • 14 – 6 months before NEET – This is the ideal time to complete 12th. If you come across 11th questions don’t get scared, you should try solving the questions. Anything further 12th refers to these months.


  • 6 months – 1 week before NEET – This is the time to solve and revise. Complete past papers during this time. 


  • 1 week before NEET – The Final Stretch. Final facts that require simple memorization should be memorized at this time. Have confidence in your preparation and if you encounter something that confuses you, work through the concepts instead of panicking. You’re good to go!

How to Study Physics for NEET – The 2 year plan

Physics NCERT. Credits – Saridiya

Physics is sometimes considered the most difficult but if learnt properly, it is the easiest subject to get 180/180.


NCERT is not as useful for physics, compared to the other subjects. You can use it as a guideline for your studies to make sure you’re going in the right direction. 

THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT HERE IS FORMULA DERIVATION. NCERT derives every formula. You should be able to rewrite each step and solve any question from scratch . You have a better chance of solving any question NEET throws at you if you know exactly how each formula is derived. Make sure you’re able to solve the questions at the back of the chapter, as some will make you unconventionally.


  1. 22 – 14 months – Complete every chapter along with your school and make sure you learn how to derive every formula.
  2. Solve end of the chapter questions on weekends so you have ample time to revise if you don’t understand them.
  3. 14 – 6 months – The 11th syllabus is VERY important. Considering 11th finals are in March, 12th syllabus should be completed in the next 7 months by November (Ray optics will take the most time). After this NCERT should only be used as a reference while solving questions.

B) Coaching Material and Your Notes

Coaching classes usually try to rewrite NCERT in an easier to understand language. Additional perks include formula boxes (which only help you in the long run if you get questions following those formulae) and of course faculty help and questions.

Making your own notes is just as important, if not more than physics coaching material. It helps in active recall and they should be your first reference if you get stuck.


  1. 22 – 14 months – In 11th, if you have coaching material try solving each and every question, but make sure you understand the reasoning! Marks are not that important at this stage. Follow along with your class, but if you fall behind there’s always time to complete the 11th syllabus after the 12th syllabus is over. Understanding the underlying concepts is fundamental.
  2. 14 – 6 months – 12th is a crucial year since you need to leave time to study the 11th syllabus. You’ll have to make sacrifices if you can’t keep up with class. Remember, you want to finish the entire 12th syllabus in November/December. Again, I want to emphasize, make sure you dedicate enough time to Ray Optics. Many kids leave this chapter for NEET and this shouldn’t happen to you.
  3. 6 months – 1 week – Solve your coaching material again and make sure to ask questions when you don’t understand a concept!
  4. 1 week before –  Physics is not as important in the Final Stretch. If you feel something is hard to remember during your preparation, study it in the first 2-3 days of the week.

C) Questions

This is the most important aspect of your physics preparation.


  1. Understand question types. Usually a chapter has three to four question types (for example in motion in a plane you could have projectile motion from a moving body, projectile sent from a cliff, etc.). These questions are then made difficult by adding math concepts. If you know trigonometry you can convert projectile motion into its components and it’s just motion in a line. You now can solve any question no matter how difficult it is without sweating over complex  formulas.
  2. You want to keep trying to solve questions throughout your 2 years (more in between the 6 months to 1 week period). If you don’t understand, go back to your derivation or ask any of your engineering friends! Or feel free to ask any questions in the #jee-exam channel on the Study Lions discord server here.  Make sure to ask for the derivation so you can solve any future similar questions.

D) Other Resources

1. MATH CONCEPTS ARE IMPORTANT. You can learn and review integration and differentiation as well as other math concepts like trigonometry from sites like “Khan Academy.” Ideally, this should be done before 11th or during the initial months. It will help you throughout your 2 years of prep.

If you encounter math concepts in any derivation try to study them as well  so you properly understand.

2. HC Verma is a great book and is also used for JEE prep. Remember the only thing that makes a physics question difficult is the math and if you conquer that, nothing can stop you. Only use the book after you have a basic understanding of the derivations in NCERT or your coaching material.

How to Study Chemistry for NEET – The 2 year plan

A subject of exceptions. Oh, and one or two things that actually follow the rules.


The NCERT for chemistry is great for both 11th and 12th.


  1. 22 – 14 months – Complete every chapter along with your school in 11th. 
  2. Solve end of the chapter questions on weekends so you have ample time to revise if you don’t understand them.
  3. Focus closely on inorganic chapters. Read them like it’s Biology.
  4. 14 – 6 months – Your school should also be completing the syllabus at least 3-4 months before NEET. Make sure to solve all the end of chapter questions in this time.

B) Coaching Material and Your Notes

Coaching material normally explains NCERT pointwise and had previously important points asked in AIIMS and JIPMER exams (before 2020). Other perks include faculty help and questions.

C) Questions

Organic questions may require more practice comparatively. Other than that follow the goals below.


  1. 14 – 6 months – While studying 12th, you should keep practicing a few questions of General Organic Chemistry per week until you can think of an example question of each concept as well as looking out for important exceptions. The best way to do this is to do as many questions as possible and understand their logic. This will really help in the second half of 12th Chemistry which mainly consists of Organic
  2. You want to keep trying to solve questions throughout your 2 years (more in between the 6 months to 1 week period). Try not to do past papers before you complete the syllabus at least once.

D) Other Resources

  1. There are separate formula books for formulas. Make sure to look at the book before you purchase them, or only buy them from reputable publishers.
  2. Khan Academy has a basic course on Organic Chemistry.

How to Study Biology for NEET – The 2 year plan

Biology NCERT. Credits – Harsh.

Probably the reason you choose this stream, and the most likely to backstab you.


NCERT is the first and last resource for NEET. Everything in NEET will be found in the latest NCERT book. From picture captions to the smallest line, anything can be twisted to make a question. Even the small introductory passages behind the chapter headings can be used! Of course this doesn’t mean that you should only read NCERT as you may miss important information between the lines.


  1. 22 – 6 months – Complete one reading along with school, even if you have coaching material. The wording is important. Look at the images and their captions as well.
  2. If you’re not referring to any other source, be sure to reread NCERT whenever possible. Preferably after solving questions so you know where to focus more. Keep in mind that people who have religiously studied NCERT have gotten more marks in Biology than people who have only used coaching material (All the toppers in my college did this).
  3. 1 week before – During the Final Stretch, Ecology of 12th Biology should be completely read front to back.

B) Coaching Material and Your Notes

Coaching material is useful to help think out of the box. Notes are more helpful for active recall and board exams than NEET. 

C) Questions

These are good for practice and active recall. 


  1. 22 – 6 months – Try to do practice questions after studying chapters to help with recall during 11th and 12th. Probability questions are important as well in Genetics. 
  2. 6 months – 1 week – Questions are especially important in your ‘Solve and Revise’ period. One can’t keep reading. You should practice solving questions in less than 30 seconds.

D) Other Resources

  1. ANKI – Flashcards for memorization.
  2. Watch animated/real videos of any process or examples to help create visual hooks which can help you remember facts for longer.
  3. Read/solve Boards sample papers with solutions and practice diagrams.
  4. Don’t study unnecessary information, be careful since biology is a really interesting subject therefore people sometimes can’t distinguish between useless and useful information. Make sure to follow NCERT.

Miscellaneous Information To Help You On Your Journey

1. Don’t rush as an aspirant , you should be calm, collected, and progress steadily. There’s no need to let go of your friends and leave social media as long as  you meet your goals!

2. Timed tests are important! It may seem like extra effort but try to time any question-solving session. This will help you understand time pressure and be completely relaxed on exam day!

3. Don’t focus on hours as long as you follow the goals given above. There are many people who studied 8-10 hours every day but couldn’t achieve a good score because their goals weren’t specific.

4. The most important factor is to keep progressing! If you ever feel stuck take a step back and try talking to other aspirants on the Study Lions discord server! Here’s a link- https://discord.gg/studylions

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