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  • Doubt about pre-enrollment

     Ari Horesh updated 1 month, 3 weeks ago 멤버 2명 · 2 Posts
  • Julia Santos

    2021/10월/목 at 8:28 오후
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    Hi guys, I’ll test IMAT next year, however I already do have all the required documents for the university I want to apply. What I want to know is: Can I ask for the Dov now in 2021? Or do I have to wait till April/2022 (pre-enrollment deadlines) to ask for it, also is the Embassy the responsable for sending the application to the universities?

    Thanks in advance if y’all can clear my doubts!!

  • Ari Horesh

    2021/10월/목 at 9:57 오후
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    Hey! Yes, you can ask for the DoV from now, the only thing that you need to do every year if you didn’t pass is to fill the A form either at the embassy or online 🙂

    Ari 드림.

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