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  • BMAT 2018 Section 2 Q10

  • Nicolas Sanchez

    2021/6월/토 at 5:02 오전
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    Iron is extracted from iron ore (which contains Fe2O3) using carbon monoxide.
    This overall reaction is slow and so must be heated.
    The chemical equation for this reaction under certain conditions is shown below:

    Fe2O3 + 3CO → 2Fe + 3CO2 ∆H = -30kJ/mol

    Which one of the following statements about this process is correct?

    A. The iron ions in Fe2O3 lose electrons to become Fe.
    B. The oxide ions in Fe2O3 each have a charge of − 6.
    C. The Fe2O3 acts as an oxidising agent in this reaction.
    D. The reaction is an endothermic process.
    E. The reaction is an example of electrolysis

  • Paris Pitsinikos

    2021/7월/수 at 9:30 오전
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    Down Accepted answer

    The reaction is exothermic since it has a negative ΔH. The Fe ions with an oxidation number of +3 are reduced to neutral Fe atoms. Since Fe is reduced, it acts as the oxidising agent in this reaction.

    The answer is C.

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