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The IMAT Exam – Pre-enrollment and Application Guide

The process of applying and enrolling to Italian medical schools can seem a bit overwhelming and confusing. We agree that although the level of education is top-notch, the application and enrollment processes can use some simplification. Thankfully for you, entermedschool has created a straightforward and understandable guide on how to apply and enroll in Italy’s international medical school programs. We are going to guide you step by step through the process and by the end, you’ll wonder why you ever had any concerns. Andiamo, let’s get to it.

(Please be aware, only some of the official dates for 2021 have been released. The months listed below are based on prior years. Although these dates normally do not change much, they should only be taken as estimations.)

Stage 1: Pre-enrollment | April-July
Stage 2: Online enrollment (+ Edisu/ISEE scholarship) | July
Stage 3: IMAT | September 9th
Stage 4: IMAT Rankings | End of September
Stage 5: University Enrollment | October

Stage 1: Pre-enrollment | April-July
(Note: If you have double/dual citizenship and a European passport, you are considered EU)
⦁ Non-EU Applicants only:
Your 2 main goals here are to receive a Declaration of Value (DoV), in Italian it is called a Dichiarazione di Valore, and complete the Form A. The DoV confirms that you are eligible to apply to an Italian University and is required by Italy. The Form A is a document filled out by non-EU applicants, here you write down which university you are applying to, along with some more information.
This year, the pre-enrollment process is online and processed through the “universitaly.it” website.
So, what do I do?
⦁ Contact your embassy informing them that you want to apply to medical school in Italy and would like the required paperwork for pre-enrollment and a DoV. Each embassy will request different documents. These documents must be translated into Italian, be sure to ask for a list of valid Italian translators. In some cases, the documents may need to be notarized or apostilled.
⦁ Go to universitaly.it and create an account. Click on “IMAT 2020” to begin the pre-enrollment process:

⦁ Complete form A and upload it to universitaly.it
⦁ Receive a DoV (Declaration of Value) and upload it to universitaly.it
⦁ Upload a copy of your passport and pictures of yourself to universitaly.it

Stage 2: Online enrollment/IMAT registration|July (normally opened for 3 weeks only)
This stage is where you register for the IMAT. Those with EU status that did not make a Universitaly account yet must do it at this stage. The Italian ministry announces the dates of the official registration period for the IMAT. Registration and payment for the IMAT must be completed online through the Universitaly website. During this stage, you will declare which Italian medical school is your first choice and which IMAT test center you would like to sit at for the exam. If you decide to take the exam in Italy, you must sit the IMAT at your first-choice university.
Once you complete this process, you will receive two emails. One email will be a confirmation of your universitaly.it account, this will be sent to the email address you entered on Universitaly. Another email will be a confirmation of registration and payment for the IMAT, this email will be sent to the email address of the account holder of the credit card used to pay for the exam.

Stage 3: The exam day (the day you show that exam who’s boss) | September 9th (2021)
Be sure to check your test center specifications for the exact location and time that you need to arrive. Different exam centers throughout the world request test takers to arrive at different times or a number of hours before the exam, so be sure to arrive at the specified time. Also, you will be told via email what you must bring with you to your test location, so make sure to look out for that information as well. Some students in the past found it helpful to visit the exam center the day before the test. This allowed them to feel more comfortable and confident on test day since the location and facilities weren’t entirely new to them.

Here’s a list of 4 things you must bring with you, plus one we recommend:
⦁ Both confirmation emails you received. That is the email confirming your Universitaly account and the email confirming your registration and payment for the IMAT.
⦁ ID that includes a picture of you, this ID should be the same one used during the Universitaly processes.
⦁ Black pens. Many times test centers will provide writing utensils, but it is always better to be prepared.
⦁ Bottle of water (without any stickers on it) and a snack
⦁ Confidence and a positive attitude. You worked your butt off and there is nothing more you could have done. Try to walk in with a smile and know that although this exam is important, it is only an exam, and it happens every year.

Stage 4: IMAT Rankings | End of September
Congratulations on completing the IMAT exam! The official rankings, which determine if you receive a spot for your first-choice university, are only published approximately four weeks after the exam. During that four-week period, a couple of other lists of results are published. Roughly two weeks after the IMAT, anonymous results are published which include every test taker’s code and score, but no name and no ranking. Around three weeks after the IMAT, you will be able to access your personal score, but again without ranking, on the Universitaly website. Finally, after about 4 weeks, the official rankings will be published. Now, this means two different things depending on if you are an EU or non-EU candidate. EU rankings will be published on the Universitaly website. EU candidates that scored high enough to obtain a seat in their first-choice university will receive an email from the university and will need to continue with the university’s enrollment process. Non-EU rankings will be published by each university on their website, and not on the Universitaly website.

Stage 5: University Enrollment | October
If you ranked high enough to secure a seat, you should email the university to ask for instructions on how to continue the enrollment process and complete the registration. Lastly, you will need to pay the initial tuition fee and apply for a student visa at your embassy (unless you did it before, as some countries allow you to). It is highly recommended that you stay in contact with the university during this process, this includes asking questions and updating them throughout your enrollment process. When you arrive in Italy, you’ll have to enroll in the university and submit all the documents that you translated during the registration process. DO NOT FORGET to bring all the documents with you.

Good luck!




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