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Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing is working in conjunction with the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) to develop and deliver the International Medical Admissions Test (IMAT). IMAT is a 100 minute subject-specific admissions test in English for applicants to medicine and surgery and dentistry courses. These courses are taught in English, with places open to both home and international students.

IMAT dapat diambil di pusat-pusat resmi di seluruh dunia. Lihat Bagaimana cara mendaftar untuk informasi lebih.

The test does not require a lot of extra study as it is a test of skills and knowledge that learners are expected to have already.

Silahkan kunjungi MIUR website for detailed information about the test in the decree.

The IMAT exam is held once a year usually in mid-September. Several months before the exam, the Italian Ministry of Education announces the official date.

Several months before the exam begins the registration process, please follow this page to stay updated on the most important updates.

The exam consists of 60 questions to be answered in 100 minutes. There are: 10 logical reasoning, 12 general knowledge, 18 biology, 12 chemistry, and 8 math and physics questions.

Each correct answer awards 1.5 points, each incorrect answer deducts 0.4 points, and answers left blank are not counted.

The IMAT exam is tricky and unlike other tests! So, we set up this community, a non-profit site that gives everyone an equal opportunity to understand and learn the principles, and gives study materials needed to pass the test successfully.

Before starting to study for the entrance exam, it is recommended to attempt one of the past papers under exam conditions.Though you will likely not be able to solve many of the questions, this will allow you to understand the structure, content covered, and types of questions you will face. Klik disini untuk mengakses simulator makalah gratis kami

Selain menjadi platform pembelajaran online, EnterMedSchool juga komunitas berbasis website. Anda juga dapat mengajukan pertanyaan dalam postingan atau membuat thread in our forums.

Admission to medical school in Italy is a challenge. We have established this community to provide the support needed to pass this test successfully.

We teach the necessary study materials, provide courses for the exam, worked solutions for past papers, and so much more. By the way, semuanya gratis.

Ari Horesh (the medical student who founded this website) also has a study Discord server with over 20K students all over the world (and fields). If you want to to study with more people, you should join the Discord server.


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