Makalah IMAT Sebelumnya - Simulator & Solusi yang Dikerjakan

Gunakan kursus ini untuk mengambil makalah ujian IMAT tahun sebelumnya dalam kondisi ujian.
Ari Horesh · Maret 18, 2021

Use this course to take the previous year’s papers of the IMAT exam under exam conditions.

To view the worked solution, submit your exam and click on “check answers”, you’ll be able to review your answers and read the worked solutions. You can also copy and past part of the question in the search bar.

There are some answers missing, we are looking for volunteers to help us write worked solutions for the rest of the questions.

If you are interested and want to join our team, send a direct message to Ari.

Exam structure:

  • General Knowledge & Logical reasoning – Questions n.1- 22.
  • Biology – Questions n.23-40.
  • Chemistry – Questions n.41-52.
  • Math & Physics – Questions n.53-60

Test scores & Rules : 

  • +1.5 point for a correct answer
  • 0 for no answer
  • -0.4 points for a wrong answer
  • No calculators and no periodic tables are allowed.

Exam duration:

  • 100 minutes


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