Dreams and Plans for 2021

2020 was an interesting and challenging year for all of us, in order to continue our project and continue to grow, we need your help.

Here are some of our main goals for next year

Education Is a Right, Not a Privilege

Everyone should have an equal opportunity to study for the entrance exam. In the coming year, we will publish our biggest project for the IMAT 2021 aspirants. If you believe in us – help us realize the dream.

Upgrade the Code and Design of Our App

Thousands of users used our app in 2020. We created this app using your exceptional contributions; now, we want to perfect the app. Our goal is to hire a graphic designer, software engineer, and language editor and remove the advertisements from the app altogether.

Live Classes and Events

One of the things that 2020 has proven to us is that classrooms can be held differently. After the 12-hour class, we ran before the IMAT exam in 2020 – we proved to everyone that there is no need to pay a fortune for online live courses. We want to continue to do this regularly, and for that, we need a professional broadcasting equipment.

Website hosting

In the last month before the 2020 exam, we reached almost 300 users on the site (at the same time). The site has crashed many times; we have no choice but to upgrade our servers as quickly as possible.

We need your help!

*In order to get access to the “12-Hour IMAT Crash Course” recording and the Donators Zone, please donate 10 euros or more. 

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