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    kms .

    Hi, I’m planning to register for the IMAT this year as a non-EU applicant and my application for pre-enrollment on Universitaly was sent to the University of Milano Bicocca almost one month ago but I still haven’t heard back from them until now. I’ve emailed the university about this and they said that they’ll verify my pre-enrollment once I sit the IMAT exam in Italy (I don’t understand what they actually mean by this. Do they mean they’ll verify my pre-enrollment once I have done the IMAT exam in Italy? What if I don’t take the exam in Italy?) or once I get accepted to the program. However, it would be too late for me to complete my pre-ennrollment at the embassy, since the pre-enrollment preiod will close in July. I thought the university is supposed to verify my pre-enrollment before I register for the IMAT but apparently this is not true? Do other universities also take this long to verify applications for pre-enrollment?

    Btw I’ve asked the university this question last week but they haven’t replied to my email and I’ve also checked the university’s application portal and my application status is still “working session”