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    Ari Horesh

    How to search for an answer to a previous year’s question:

    All you need to do is to search paste part of the question into the search box of the forums.

    (It’s a new feature we have on the website, now it’s effortless to find answers to your questions).

    How to ask for help with a question:

    To upload a question to the forum and get help with it, please follow this format:

    If the question is from a past paper: The title should mention the source, question number, category, and some info about it. You should also edit the tags with the name of the exam and the year, for example: “IMAT 2012”

    For example: “IMAT 2012 Biology Question #36 – a question about the mitochondria”

    If the question is from a textbook: The title should contain the subject of the question. In the post itself: mention the full name of the book, edition, page, and chapter at the end of the post.

    – Add to the tags the subject and the name of the book, wait a few seconds to see if we already have the same tag in our system, choose it instead of creating a new tag.

    [Example attached]

    – You can take a screenshot of the question but make sure to add a transcript of the question as well.

    For example:

    Thank you!

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