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  • Q 21 bio BMAT 2020

  • natalia cipi

    August 1, 2021 at 7:08 pm
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    21 The table below gives some information about the number and biomass of organisms in the
    food chain:

    rose bush → aphid → ladybird

    organism a.ROSE BUSH b.APHID c.LADYBIRD

    number of
    organism a.1 b.4000 c.50

    biomass at each
    (arbitrary units) a.800 b.200 c.10

    What percentage of the biomass in the producer is transferred into the biomass of each
    individual secondary consumer, in this food chain?

    A 0.025

    B 0.0625

    C 0.1

    D 1.25

    E 5.0

    F 25.0

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