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    Nicolas Sanchez

    A ‘gold medal’ used in events such as the Olympic Games is made from a silver–nickel alloy with a coating of a gold–silver alloy.
    The mass of the medal is 256 g, of which 24.0g is the mass of the coating.
    The density of the silver–nickel alloy is 10.0 g cm^–3 and the density of the gold–silver alloy is 16.0 gcm^–3.
    What is the volume of the medal?

    A. 16.0 cm^3
    B. 16.9 cm^3
    C. 23.2 cm^3
    D. 24.7 cm^3
    E. 25.6 cm^3
    F. 27.1 cm^3

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  • BMAT 2020 Section 2 Q11

  • Sonya Malan

    August 30, 2021 at 11:43 am
    Down Accepted answer

    Mass of silver–nickel alloy: 256g-24g = 232g

    Volume of silver–nickel alloy: 232g / = 23.2 cm3

    Volume of gold–silver alloy: 24g / = 1.5 cm3

    Volume of medal: 23.2 cm3 + 1.5 cm3 = 24.7 cm3

    Answer: D