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    Nicolas Sanchez

    The diagram shows some stages involved in genetic engineering.

    [see diagram below on the left]

    Which row correctly identifies W, X, Y and Z?

    [see table below on the right for answer choices]

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  • BMAT 2019 Section 2 Q1

  • Paris

    July 21, 2021 at 4:46 pm
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    First, we can see that W is a gene and not a chromosome. So A,B,C and D are out.

    X seems to be something that can cut the vector used, which in this case is a plasmid, in order to incorporate the sequence we want. Likewise, Z is something that we use to glue together the sequence with the plasmid. Therefore, X is a restriction enzyme and Z is a ligase. As mentioned, Y is a plasmid since it is circular and a vector is expected to be used during genetic engineering.

    The answer is E.