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    Nicolas Sanchez

    A champion weightlifter raises a 200kg set of weights from the floor to above his head in one movement.
    The bar is lifted through a vertical distance of 1.8m.
    When the lift is completed the weightlifter holds the weights stationary for 2.0 seconds and then drops them to the floor.

    [see diagram below]

    At what speed do the weights hit the floor?
    (gravitational field strength = 10N/ kg)

    A. 0.90 m/ s
    B. 1.1 m/ s
    C. 3.0 m/ s
    D. 3.6 m/ s
    E. 6.0 m/ s
    F. 9.0 m/ s
    G. 18 m/ s
    H. 36 m/ s

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  • BMAT 2018 Section 2 Q15

  • Paris

    July 21, 2021 at 9:43 am
    Down Accepted answer

    The bar at the highest position is steady. Which means that it has maximum potential energy. The maximum potential energy is equal to the maximum kinetic energy form which we can find the velocity at the bottom.

    The answer is E.