More than 1500 pages, 10,000+ of questions that can prepare you for the IMAT/MCAT exam. (with answers)

Questions types:

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics

Topics of the questions:

  • Mathematics practice, similar to the questions on the IMAT/MCAT
    • Logs
    • Inequalities
    • graphs, functions.
    • probability
    • Master the topics that going to come up!
  • Physics, most of the questions are similar to the IMAT/MCAT, with a lot of questions about
    • electricity
    • kinematics
    • dynamics
    • Newton׳s law, very similar IMAT questions
  • Chemistry:
    • Atomic structure
    • Equilibrium
    • Lewis dot structure
    • Acids and Bases
    • Stoichiometric
    • Balancing equations
    • Organic and more!

Those questions are meant to be solved in the old fashioned way, it will help you get a grip on the material, in the chemistry, physics, and mathematics sections of the exam.

The MCAT is the exam for the USA, the MCAT is harder than the IMAT, so I have added plenty of practices questions for both levels.

The IMAT Exam is the entrance test for medical schools in Italy in English. If you want to study medicine in English in Italy, you must pass this test.

There are not a lot of practice books for this exam, so I made one myself!

To study for the chemistry math and physics sections of the IMAT/MCAT, you should practice, A LOT!

The best way to practice is, of course, solving tons and tons of problems related to the exam.

Therefore, when you see a similar question, you will save time and know how to solve it immediately.

Within this file, there are plenty of questions to practice, about 1500 pages, 10,000+ questions and master some of the most repetitive questions, notice that they are not questions from the IMAT, and they are not written in the same style, they meant for practice purposes only but they are based on the previous test and if you master those you will know how to easily solve the questions on the exam day.