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How to obtain my Declaration of Value in Canada for Italian Medical Schools?

If you reside in Canada or have graduated from high school in Canada and wish to study medicine in Italy, you must obtain a document called Dichiarazione di Valore (Declaration of Value). 

What is the Dichiarazione di Valore?

Declaration of Value (DoV) is an official document that certifies your high school diploma to be equivalent to the Italian education system. In other words, the DoV “legalizes” your high school diploma and transcript to be used in Italy.

DoV - Declaration of Value
DoV – Declaration of Value

Why do I need to obtain the DoV?

In order to study medicine in Italy, the universities require your high school diploma and the transcript of your grades (grades do not play a part in your admission). Since your documents were not earned in Italy, you must prove that your high school diploma is equivalent to that of the Italian high school diploma. The way to do this is by acquiring the DoV. 

Which documents do I need in order to get the DoV?

Before you begin the bureaucratic process of DoV, you must collect your high school graduation diploma and an official, sealed transcript (Do not open it). The diploma is given to you at your high school graduation, and the official transcript can be acquired from your school. A suggestion, request two copies of the high school transcript. 



How to get your DoV? (step-by-step guide)

  • Find out if your school of choice accepts documents in English

Visit your university’s website and search for the information. If you cannot find what you are looking for on the website, I suggest you write an email to the international help desk. An example of the University of Bologna website is shown below. 

  • Notarize your documents

Notarization can be done at any official notary in your city, there are dozens of notaries in the GTA alone. This process only takes a few minutes and a small fee, depending on the location. They will make photocopies of your original documents and make a stamp on the photocopy. And yes, they will open your sealed high school transcript. It is a normal procedure, do not panic. From now on, you will be using the stamped photocopy for your subsequent steps. 

  • Legalize your documents

The next step is legalization from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, situated in Ottawa. Visit this government website for information on the process. You may deliver your documents to the ministry in person or mail them if you live far from Ottawa. Download the authentication request form that can be found here and be sure to include the form in your envelope when delivering it to the ministry. Also, include a return envelope with Canada Post stamps and your return address in the package. In summary, your envelope should contain notarized high school diploma and transcript, the authentication request form, a return envelope with your address, and Canada Postcards. The authentication may take about 3-5 weeks.

  • Submit your documents to the nearest Italian consulate

Once you receive your documents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, schedule an appointment with your nearest Italian consulate to submit your documents for the DoV. You will be required to fill out a form that can be found here. Each Italian consulate will have their own rules in terms of setting appointments. As an example, the Toronto Consulate General arranged appointments over email. Again, you should include a return envelope with the address and postcards. However, there is a possibility your consulate will allow you to collect the documents in person once they have been processed. All communications are typically conducted over email with one of the representatives. You may have to email several times if you do not hear back within 3 business days and be patient as many representatives do not speak fluent English. Please make sure you leave plenty of time for this last step as the Italian consulate in Canada can be frustrating to deal with. 



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