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EnterMedSchool’s IMAT Simulator, Bonus Questions + Answers & High-Yield Review [Early Access]

After 3 years of work analyzing past IMAT exam papers, here is the official release of the most comprehensive and detailed IMAT simulator you can find online.
Ari Horesh · August 10, 2021

This simulator is being updated for IMAT 2022, with plenty of new questions that are similar to the IMAT exam written by our new team members: all are medical students and Biology graduate. To support our cause and get early access to this question bank / detailed answers + high-yield review for the IMAT exam, and allow us to create even more simulators and questions, consider donating by enrolling to this course. It will be unlocked for everyone for 1 month before the exam.  The question bank is a work in progress, and the earlier you decide to join and donate the more time you will have to prepare using it.

*The content is included in my class’ material.

Welcome to the first EnterMedSchool IMAT Simulator! After 3 years of analyzing past IMAT, IB, BMAT, and TSA papers, the team and I are very proud to announce the official release of the most comprehensive IMAT simulator (with detailed worked solutions) you can found online.

The idea of our IMAT simulator is quite simple; after analyzing so many questions, we realized there is a pattern in every single exam, similar questions, and a set of tricks Cambridge love doing on their exams! Based on the thousands of questions we analyzed, we wrote a set of very challenging questions, each one composes out of several topics and have similar ‘traps’ we found in past IMAT papers.

Similar to our free IMAT course we wrote in the past couple of years, we will release this simulator first of all as ‘early access’ to our donors that support this non-profit cause, they help us to pay for the app development, server costs, recording gear, graphic designers, developers and to also promote EnterMedSchool on different platforms! We aim to release this IMAT Simulator publically around a week or so before IMAT 2022. Still, if you’d like to support our goal and gain access to the simulator  answers before the official release, you can donate by subscribing to this course, and support our cause, to gain early access to many features we are testing and creating on the website!

As mentioned above, this simulator was extremely challenging. Each question has several tricks and composes out of multiple topics from the IMAT’s syllabus. The idea of our simulators is not to use them to estimate how much you will score on the IMAT exam but to see how you can solve and analyze difficult questions under exam conditions! 

A note from Ari Horesh, the Found of EnterMedSchool: One of the most important things many of my students are forgetting is the fact that a simulation and the exam itself are completely different. The aspect of stress management, choosing which topic to start from and which topics you should review in the last few weeks before the IMAT exam, is more important than reviewing the entire syllabus. Using past papers, such as the IB, IMAT, BMAT, TSAs, or this simulator, will give you a better idea of what you should focus on to find your weak spots. The questions set I created for this new feature on EnterMedSchool was created after reviewing thousands of questions and analyzing the highest yield points to study, the most important traps to notice, and the most important subjects to review are. I wrote close to 150 pages of summaries and worked solutions for the simulator, which mentions the most important things (in my opinion, of course) to choose to study in the last couple of weeks before the IMAT exam.

To elaborate on what we based our question on, here are a few diagrams resenting the probability of different topics appearing on the IMAT exam.


Critical Thinking IMAT Questions
Critical Thinking IMAT Questions


There are 7 types of critical thinking questions on the IMAT exam. The most important type of question that usually appears is the ‘Find the conclusion.’ We made sure to include a detailed summary of how to analyze and solve these kinds of questions. We also had a 12-hour marathon last year. 2.5 hours were dedicated to learning how to solve critical thinking questions. You can check it out here, for free, at 07:46:00.

Thanks to all of the supporters again. The support allows us to create and publish this type of content for free.


After watching this part of the marathon, we also suggest solving the past papers of the TSA questions (check the IMAT menu, they are all free, and you can solve them on our website). The volunteers helped us divide the questions into “doses,” Every day, you can take 1 “daily dose of knowledge” exam to practice your critical thinking.


Biology Section IMAT Questions
Biology Section IMAT Questions


Biology is the most comprehensive part of the IMAT exam. Although the syllabus is quite extensive, many similar questions appear every year. On the IMAT simulator, we will do our best to provide you with summaries and high-yield points you should know when it comes to biology.


Chemistry Section IMAT Questions
Chemistry Section IMAT Questions


The chemistry section on the IMAT exam is certainly easier than the biology section (subjectively, of course). It is mainly composed of basic topics such as periodicity, gas laws, stoichiometry, and chemical bonds.



Math and Physics Sections IMAT Questions
Math and Physics Sections IMAT Questions


The math and physics section is quite broad, and we will do our best to provide you with some tricks and tips on how to tackle this type of question, even if you don’t have a lot of experience with math and physics.

General Knowledge: As many of you already know, since 2019, the general knowledge section on the IMAT exam is composed out of 12 questions instead of 2. Unlike what many people think, many of the general knowledge questions can actually be solved using critical and logical thinking. We will provide you with several ways to approach and tackles these kinds of questions.

As you can see from the IMAT analysis above, some subjects are higher-yield than others. Along with the simulators and summaries, we made sure to create a breakdown of each section and mention the specific topics we highly suggest focusing on.

That’s it! Thank you for all of the support, and we wish you the best of luck with your studies. Don’t forget to join the community and to leave any questions you have in the forums. We are here for you!

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