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The 50+ Club – IMAT 2023 Online Course, Live Classes and Personal Coaching

Ari Horesh · October 3, 2021

04/02/2023 Update: My coaching plan is now fully booked. There are a few last seats left in the “IMAT University” plan and the “All-in-One” online course!

Enrollment links are at the bottom of this page, but please read everything on this page before enrolling, especially the FaQ at the end of this page. Due to the high demand, the base course and the main class will stay discounted until the end of the month; the discount has already been applied to the prices. 

Also, due to the great success of my class in 2022, enrollment in my 2023 course will start and end earlier this year! Please notice that I will only accept 100 students this year for the main course to allow us to keep maintain the quality experience!

Because of the success and the feedback from last year, this year I am offering two extra plans! One is for people who want my personal help, and the other is for those who want an entire semester of studies with the team and me! Check it down below!

Ari’s Online IMAT Course – Introduction

Ari Horesh - IMAT Online Class Teacher

Ari’s Online IMAT Course – Introduction

Hello everyone! My name is Ari Horesh, a 3rd-year medical student studying in Harvey’s course at the University of Pavia and the founder of this website,

In the past few years, I created multiple educational projects that are being used by hundreds of thousands of students worldwide.

  • My YouTube channel, where I live stream “study with me” sessions where I study 12 hours a day with my students and community
  • BeBetter – A new project I am working on that allows students to journal their progress and habits, focusing on students’ mental health and well being
  • – the most popular Discord educational bot that allows users to create to-do lists track their work time and self-development progress, and study with students worldwide.
  • Tutoring and coaching – I have been tutoring hundreds of students in the past few years, focusing on correct exam strategies and study techniques, which allowed me to create the most successful IMAT course on the market in terms of student results and success rates, year after year.

After requests from dozens of students I taught in the last couple of years, I created an organized framework to help people focus on the highest-yield concepts, overcome the most challenging questions, and develop a solid exam strategy. I was surprised that most schools don’t teach these exam approaches and study techniques.

We already offer plenty of free, high-quality study materials on this website, which are sufficient to study for and excel on the IMAT.

This course is meant to offer you the extra edge over the competition.

Over the years of preparing students for the IMAT, I have noticed that there are difficult questions that few are meant to answer correctly. They are put in place to differentiate the good candidates from the great ones. After analyzing previous Cambridge Assessment exams, and other medical admission exams in Europe, I have identified the skills and knowledge needed to answer these types of questions, as well as the traps they commonly use. I believe these things can increase students’ chances of securing a spot in their desired university, especially as the competition in recent years has increased.

My course is unique as it shows an entirely different approach to the exam and each question, in a way non of my past students saw before, but once they used it, they were able to avoid many common mistakes!

My Past Students – Testimonials 

IMAT Minimum Scores 2021

Out of the hundreds of students I have taught between 2019 and 2021, the average score of those who took three or more classes with me is 58, sufficient to get accepted into any medical school in Italy.

The average score of my class in 2022 was 53.2! IMAT 2022 was extremely competitive and difficult, over 12,000 students took the exam, and the format was changed. It didn’t change the fact that almost all of my students score in the top 1.7% of all takes, non-EUs, and EUs.

Here is the list of all 12,226 candidates and their scores Graduatoria Anonima IMAT 2022 for reference. 

Here is what my past students have to say about the course!

Darius Duhan – 56.1 – Top 0.7% of 12,226 candidates, University of Pavia

Ujjwal Ujjain – 58.4 – Top 0.5% of 12,226 candidates, University of Pavia

Stella Khine – 53.4 – Top 1.3% of 12,226 candidates, University of Turin

IMAT 2022 Testimonial



Course Content – IMAT 2023

Every year I record and upload more and more content to the course system while also archiving all of the questions my past students asked so my new students can enjoy an ocean of study material you can’t find anywhere else.

Because I am a “study technique” coach, and I am making sure to stay updated on the latest science regarding memorization and exam strategies, as well as focusing on stress management and the well-being of students, you will notice that my course format is quite different (and very effective). This format proved to be the best to prepare for this exam and implementing these study techniques allowed my students to pass the exam scoring the highest scores and being in the top percentiles.

IMAT Course Content Breakdown

To get access to the complete breakdown of the course content, you can check out the following page. Each link is an entire lesson.

  • 600+ Tutorial Videos (making it almost eight times bigger than our competitors)
  • We want to keep the course as updated as possible and cover any changes that could possibly take place in the future syllabus.
  • Dozens of text summaries and questions to sharpen your knowledge and make sure to familiarize you with the common semantic traps, keywords, and definitions essential which are essential to remember.
  • Analysis of past papers for different exams, not only IMAT but also BMATs, IBs, and more.
  • QnA archives and an active forum – to answer all of your questions while also allowing you to read all of the questions that were asked by my past students, all the way back to 2020. This proved to be one of the most powerful tools to prepare for the IMAT exam, and students who took advantage of the forums were also the students who scored the highest on the IMAT.
  • A comprehensive “beginner kit daily planner” – will allow you to study the material for the IMAT in 60-90 days, specifying the best books, pages from these books, best videos to watch, and best summaries to read. It’s the first thing you will do in the course if you are a complete beginner, allowing even a beginner who never studied biology, chemistry, math, or physics in high school to study from scratch and climb to the top.
  • 14 Free PDFs with hundreds of practice questions, as well as 550 logic questions divided by “daily doses”.
  • Forums with all my past students from all years! Facing some issues with studying? Why not ask the students who already took the IMAT and used my course in the past?
  • Optional: Coaching: You can also have me as your personal coach for the course if you choose to (more info down below).
  • Optional: IMAT University: An entire semester of intense study marathons a few times a week for three months before the exam, covering the most essential points and allowing the students to ask questions live with me.

The Future of This Course

Every year we are adding more and more content. because last year’s course was a huge success, we were able to add some math, physics, and logic sections to the course (when we originally planned on teaching only biology and chemistry)

This year, we plan on adding the following parts during Q2 and Q3 of 2023:

  • 300-500 new videos of other admission exams such as the BMAT, IB, SAT, AP and our own unique questions with their worked solution video and explanation (reaching more than 1,000 total videos to watch)
  • Translating and analyzing the new format and old of the test di medicina (the Italian equivalent of the IMAT)
  • More Math and Physics lessons, as well as a problem-solving section – we are working on a new course for IMAT 2023!
  • A General Knowledge section, based on past papers and similar exams from all over Europe
  • Completing our written worked solutions for all past papers
  • Creating an updated version of our recent study planner, as we do every year.
  • Writing more high-yield text summaries for hot topics that will most likely appear on the exam.
  • IMAT University: We want to create the best IMAT live course that will teach everything from scratch without breaking the bank

So, if you are serious about enrolling, make sure you fit the following criteria.

  • You know you can study independently (as expected in all medical schools), and you want to work for a competitive score on the IMAT. Do not enroll in the course if you think you won’t be able to study on your own.
  • (Optional) If you are already going to another IMAT preparation course, yet you feel like it’s not enough / not as challenging for you, and you want to extend your studies and understand the material even further, my course will allow you to do that. Many of my 2022 students went to another course but eventually joined mine after looking to get the extra edge and challenge themselves.
  • You are willing to be active on the forums and cooperate with the other course students, as most of the study material we add every year is based on the students’ questions and feedback.
  • You want detailed solutions for the most critical past questions of the IMAT and other exams and videos which analyze how to tackle these questions.
  • You know how to learn autonomously and can dedicate the necessary hours for a few months.
  • You are also open-minded about learning and trying different study techniques, which you will most likely use during your medical studies.

Discussing the pros and cons of this course

I believe in complete transparency, and I want to clarify a few things before you enroll in my course.

  • There’s a lot of self-study – precisely as expected from every medical student.
  • The course is challenging, encompassing a vast amount of study material, and requires dedication.
  • The price of this course is a fraction of the usual market price because I want to make sure everyone can afford it, but don’t let it confuse you; while being the most affordable and complete IMAT course on the market, this course is also the most extensive online IMAT course on the market (no other course is even coming near the amount of material we offer in this course).
  • Running this course will allow me to continue funding EnterMedschool and providing high-quality resources for free, as well as my other projects, which are all open-source and free to use by the public, and already helping almost 1 million students all over the world.
  • This course mainly focuses on biology, chemistry, and the logic sections of the IMAT exam. We will publish a new course next year for people looking to study math and physics from scratch. We teach the highest-yield topics in this course because it is impossible to teach math and physics from scratch in a single course. 
  • I am not a native English speaker.

Enrollment – How To Join The IMAT Course?

Due to the very high demand in 2022, I will allow students who want to join from early 2022 for IMAT 2023* from now for a significantly discounted price, and similar to last year, the prices will increase in a few months and no longer be discounted. So if you choose to enroll from now, you will also enjoy a discounted price (by about 40% compared to the planned price)

By enrolling in this course, you agree to our terms

The All-in-One IMAT package

It will allow you to get everything (but coaching and IMAT university) mentioned above, including the beginner guide, all videos, and all question archives. We created this package becaute it is more affordable and more than sufficient to prepare you for the exam.

If you like to study on your own, this package will fit you perfectly

You can get it by clicking “Take this Course” on this course page.

  • If you are not satisfied with the quality of the course, you can ask for a full refund*.

However! If you do want my help to keep you accountable, and you do want to enjoy live sessions with a small class of people who are at the same level as you

+ IMAT Personal Coach Package

(Everything is included in this package but the IMAT University)

  • A long video call with me to create a plan together, and a customized schedule (for example, if you work part-time and want to make the best out of your time)
  • My private WhatsApp number where you can ask me questions (regarding strategy and planning) directly, as well as report to me your progress every week and get feedback from me personally
  • My weekly feedback from now until the day of the exam! 



*This price includes both the course and the personal coach package. I will take only a few students to coach this year as the 4th year is very intense, so I expect this package to be sold out quite soon.

IMAT University – An entire semester of studies

(Everything is included in this package, including me as your personal coach)

  • An entire semester of studies. Four Lessons a week for three months before the exam, reviewing the IMPORTANT topics, solving questions together, and developing a proper exam strategy as a group.
  • Teaching the most essential topics from scratch – fits students who want to study as a group and not only rely on self-studying.
  • Extra questions and summaries exclusive to my “IMAT University” students
  • Weekly feedback system to track the students’ progress
  • Private forum for the IMAT University students
  • Bonus classes to answer students’ questions beyond the hours planned (the amount of hours varies because I always make sure to answer as many questions as possible)
  • Access to all recordings of past lessons from all of the years. Watch it any time you want.


*This price includes everything. There’s no need to buy any other package separately. It includes, of course, the Entire Semester of Live Classes, me as a personal coach, and the course content itself. I will take only a few students for the live class this year as the 4th year is very intense, so I expect this package to be sold out very soon. To reserve a seat in my semester live class, please use the link above to enroll. The price I offer is around 1/4 of a course of this size, as we plan on having an entire semester with multiple instructors from multiple disciplines to teach the material.

 *A few seats left.

Some Samples From Our IMAT Course!

Remember that we have a refund policy, so you can test the course for yourself and see if it fits you!

Analyzing past papers:


Private forum and archives for the class:

IMAT Study Material Online Course


Frequently Asked Important Questions

Who is the course for?

The course is for everyone who wishes to pass the IMAT exam and study medicine in English in Italy while knowing that the course is very challenging and relies heavily upon self-study and discipline.

Do I have enough time to fit into this course?

You need at least 3 hours a day for six months if you start from scratch, but if you have already prepared using our free material, you can finish the course in about three intense weeks.

When should I start the course?

I usually recommend my student to study for the IMAT for about 6-8 months, but it is also possible to study in less time while making sure not to over-study or study things out of the syllabus (it’s very easy to do, and this is why I also offer my personal help)

Is the course just videos?

The course contains 600+ videos, and we are adding a few hundred every year, which already makes only the video content of the course the biggest source of information ever created for the IMAT. But beyond that, we also offer hundreds of practice questions, PDFs, summaries, and MCQs to practice from.

What is the refund policy?

We offer a refund 48 hours after getting access to the course if the course doesn’t meet your expectations. However, we do not provide a refund when enrolling in the IMAT University or the Personal Coaching packages. You can sell your access to another student if needed, but we rely on the fund to maintain and create content for the course and website, so we don’t allow refunds after the 48 hours window.

Can I get a group discount?

It is possible to get a group discount, just contact my email [email protected] and let me know how many people are interested in my course.

Will you help me with the pre-enrollment process and registering for the IMAT?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the pre-enrollment, we can’t provide help for our students regarding registration and pre-enrollment. However, it was never a problem before as our forums and groups are very active, and students help each other find all the information needed. 

Will the IMAT change like the Test di medicina? What will happen to the course then?

My course was designed to expect future changes to the IMAT exam. In the course, we cover multiple similar exams and understand how to tackle similar questions, not only the IMAT exam. My technique can be applied to many different exams, and I still use this technique for the exams I take in medical school. While the course is for the IMAT exam, as long as the exam stays MCQ and with a similar syllabus, this course will stay relevant, so there is nothing to worry about!

About the test di medicina, I highly doubt they will make big changes to the IMAT exam, but even if they will change the name and update the syllabus and change the exam to a different one, Medical entrance exams in English are very similar, all over Europe, so my course (which we are still working on a yearly basis) will be more than enough to prepare to almost every admission exam in Europe. A big change isn’t to the syllabus itself something that is very likely to happen, if at all.

Can I pay in installments?

Unfortunately, I do not provide a way to pay in installments, but I can accept bank transfers, just contact me by email [email protected]

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