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The Best IMAT / Test Di Medicina Online Course  

Ari Horesh
Noble Member Community Founder Medical Student

We need your help. 

Hey guys! It’s Ari Horesh, founder of and second-year medical student at the University of Pavia. Until now, I funded almost all of and its materials. Due to COVID, unfortunately, I cannot continue to pay for everything myself. I am worried about the future of this project, especially because I have big dreams of how we can make this course better than all the others. 

This year has been a challenge, especially with the onset of the pandemic. Despite this, we were able to surpass our expectations and offer many resources to almost 2,000 people completely for free. As someone coming from a low socio-economic background, I truly understand the need for access to high-quality education, at little to no cost. This was, and still is, my motivation behind entermedschool, and why I will never charge students hundreds of euros.  We are living in a world where people are not given equal chances and opportunities. My website and all of its features break away from the inequality and shows that your future is not bound by your background.

I am asking you to join myself and the community of current donators in our effort. Thanks to past donations we were able to run and redesign the website, develop the Pocket Trainer app, host the IMAT marathon, write worked solutions, and more. We are currently developing an all-inclusive, comprehensive IMAT course completely for free. The newest addition we are most excited about are IMAT simulators made up of questions that we designed ourselves based off of deep analysis of past IMAT questions and Cambridge's methods. In order to create the best IMAT resource on the market before the summer, for the total price of 0 Euros, we need your help.

Unlike other courses, we believe in complete transparency, all raised funds go to improving our course. We want you to be as sure of this as we are, so below we show which stages of funding will bring which improvements and new material

To Donate: or click on the picture below!




500€ - Will allow us to host the website for another year

1200€ - Will allow us to upgrade our practice question app with new graphics, and add 1,500+ new practice questions

1500€ - Will allow us to hire coders and create simulations for past papers, with better worked solutions and a grading system.

1650 - Will allow us to translate and add the "Test Di Medicina" past papers with worked solutions to the system (all of the 20+ previous years worth of questions)

2500€ - Will allow us to hire professional content writers to write and edit our future IMAT Course

3500€Will allow us to publish the most comprehensive online IMAT course ever, including:

  • A new study planner based on the new course.
  • Enough content to replace books, all accessible from one source.
  • New videos, encompassing all of the IMAT material.
  • Past papers of other similar exams, and their worked solutions.
  • 2000+ New questions along the course.
  • IMAT simulators made up of questions that we designed ourselves based off of deep analysis of past IMAT questions and Cambridge's methods.

Please help us keep entermedschool completely free for everyone. 


Ari Horesh - The founder of, a nonprofit website with the mission of providing free, world-class education for current and future medical students all around the globe.

Posted : 16/10/2020 7:42 am