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Hey guys a more detailed version with pictures and actual maps has been written here if you want to check it out as well 🙂

The airport is kind of small and easy to find yourself in. My first problem when I arrived was, how I was going to get to the city centre.

I found out (after of course) that there were three options:

  1. Take a cab
  2. Take the train
  3. Take the bus

Bari is not a big city; it’s small but with a lot of charm.
I tried to explain in this map where I went and what you can find in it:

Visit Bari - Map of bari with certain parts highlighted and text explaining what is there

Bari Centrale:

Visit Bari - Central Bari

This is the center of the city 

The Old City/Port
Visit Bari - Alleyway in the old city part of BariBefore you go ‘inside’ the old port you’ll find the elegant Piazza del Ferrarese.

Visit Bari - Street in BariThe city is roughly divided into two by Bari Centrale.

A fun fact I discovered while walking in one of the neighbourhoods is their culture of lunch. At first I wasn’t paying attention, then I noticed that most of the shops were closed after 1pm till around 3/4pm. I used to live in Paris where most shops are open 24/7, so imagine my surprise when I found out most of the shops close almost 3 hours for “Pauso Pranzo”.

Regarding navigation, Bari is not a very big city. If you have a GPS you will be more than okay. I didn’t end up having to ask Italian people for directions as I didn’t get lost, but in the shopping area there’s always a person who speaks English/French to help out.

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