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[Guide] The University of Turin - Medicine In English In Italy  

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Hey guys, we've written up a more detailed article with working links here as well 🙂

The typical academic year follows this structure:
The typical academic year is composed of a first semester that begins on the first of October and a second semester that begins on the first of March

Q: What are the subjects of the first year?

  • Physics
  • Preparatory Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Cell Biology and Genetics
  • Introduction to Medicine
  • English Language studies

Q: Are the professors fluent in English? Can I easily understand them?
There is no feedback from the students since only the first year is active. We will be able to give you more information in the future.

Q: What about exams? What are they like? Oral/written?
Written test and an oral examination.

Q: What are the tuition fees and living expenses?
Country dependent

Q: I heard some universities offer Free Italian language courses? Is it the same for Turin too?
First year students are expected to have a course of upgrading English and Italian.

Q: Do we study in the morning or afternoon? How are the classes organised?
A first-year student’s lesson time is 4 hours in the morning, from 09:00am until 13:00pm, and 4 hours in the afternoon, from 14:00pm until 18:00pm.

Q: What about accommodation?
There are a number of private individuals who rent students’ litters in areas close to university locations.

Q: What are the clinical years like in Italy/Turin?
First clinical examinations will be supported from the second year

Q: Do we get paid for practical lessons?

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What does it mean -" only first year is active"???

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