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[Guide] The University of Bari - Medicine In English In Italy  

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Hey guys, we've written a more updated, in depth guide of this university with pictures, timetables and links over here, if you want to go check that out as well 🙂

The typical academic year follows this structure:

  • October-December: First Semester lessons
  • December/January: Roughly 2 weeks of Christmas holidays,
  • The remainder of January is the end of the First Semester lessons
  • Rest of January: Study break
  • February: One month study break; Beginning of Exam season
  • March-May: Second Semester classes and one week Easter break.
  • June-July: Study break and exam session
  • August: University is closed
  • September: Study break and exam session

Q: First semester subjects:

  • Physics: 72 hours
  • Chemistry and introduction to biochemistry: 72 hours
  • General Psychology: 12 hours
  • Informatics: 12 hours
  • Doctor-Patient relationship: 12 hours
  • Cytology: 12 hours
  • Genetics: 36 hours
  • Cellular Biology: 48 hours
  • History of medicine: 12 hours
  • Bioethics and moral philosophy: 12 hours

Q: Are the professors fluent in English? Can I easily understand them?
Some of the professors are fluent English speakers, while others are not as smooth, but not to the extent that you cannot understand them.

Q: What about exams? What are they like?
Mainly oral. 

Q: What are the tuition fees and living expenses?
The living expenses are lower compared to other cities of central and northern Italy. 

Q: I heard some universities offer free Italian language courses? Is it the same for Bari?
Unfortunately, at the moment, the University itself does not provide free Italian lessons

Q: Do we study in the morning or afternoon? How are the classes organised ?
It’s mainly in the morning. The 1st semester programme is quite long. Lessons are from 09:00 to 17:00 with lunch from 13:00-14:00

Q: What about accommodation?
You can find accommodation, a private room in a shared apartment would cost around €250 euros with most utilities covered (internet, gas, heat etc.)

Q: What are the clinical years like in Italy/Bari?
Bari isn’t involved that much in clinical work, although we do get some opportunities to go to the wards (but mostly just to observe). 

Q: Do we get paid for practical lessons ?

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