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Registering for the IMAT as an EU student is thankfully slightly easier compared to our fellow Non-EU students.

You are considered to be an EU student if you are a resident or citizen of any of the countries affiliated with the European Union. This includes the EECA countries that technically are not part of the EU. If you are a non-EU citizen but legally reside in an EU country, or have a residence permit for Italy you are also classed into this category.

While the non-EU students need to go through lengthy processes such as the pre-enrollment, the EU students biggest worry is about not missing the deadline to register for the exam.

Around April time MUIR will release the specifications of the exam such as the date, syllabus and registration period. Registration usually opens early July, and ends late July.

The registration period is usually only open for 3 weeks! Once registration open the instructions are identical for both EU and non EU students.


  1. You have to make a Universitaly account :
  2. The ministry announces the date for the registration of IMAT
  3. You register for the IMAT through the Universitaly account and pay online (GBP 105.00, EUR 120.00, USD 164.00).
  4. You can select one of the 20 test centers , however if you wish to sit the exam in Italy, you must do so in your first choice.

You will receive two emails:

You will receive one of the emails to the email address you filled out when you created your Universitaly account.

You will receive the second email to the email address you are told to fill in when you paid for the IMAT (email of the card holder).


Each test centre has its own specifications including what time you are required to be present. For example:

  1. Some centres (Turin, Bari) asked people to be there 2 and a half hours before the exam
  2. Qatar test centre asked to be there 1 hour before the exam

So please be aware of that and check your centre specifications; some people weren’t allowed into the exam because they showed up after the time requested.

You must bring the following documents/items with you on the day of the test:

  1. Both of the confirmation emails that you received during the registration and payment process.
  2. A photographic form of identification. (It must be the one you used when registering within Universitaly account)
  3. Black pens. (Some center give you black pens so even if you bring them you will be told to put it in your bag but better have them then not)


The question paper and answers are published on the MIUR website in advance of results being released. Candidates have five days to submit ‘item challenges’ from the date these are published.

Results are normally available within approximately FOUR weeks of the test date. MIUR release results on their website. For details, please refer to:

Before the official rankings (with names) are released on certain days other events happen regarding results.

Around two weeks after the exam the anonymous results are published on the Universitaly website. The anonymous ranking is a list of ALL results of every test taker. However the there is no way to know what your results are as there are no names, only codes. The anonymous list is also not ordered by score, or divided into EU And NON-EU candidates.

Three weeks after the exam you will get your personal scores on the reserved area on the Universitaly website. You will see a breakdown of your score and how you did on each section.

Around 4 weeks after the exam, the official ranking is out. If you’re an EU candidate the ranking will be published within the reserved area on Universitaly.

Posted : 16/07/2020 11:15 pm