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Visa application  

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Does anyone know when should the visa application take place? Is it ok to apply after the IMAT exam?


Topic starter Posted : 28/08/2020 10:45 pm
Filipe Sant'Anna
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In any regular year, you should check with the local embassy/consulate. In 2020, even more so.

Embassies have their own schedule, and things might be really quick or really slow, depending on where you live, how busy it is and how many employees they have. Due to Covid-19, things might be working on an entirely different pace.

Visa procedures differ from country to country, so knowing the requirements specific to your country considerably change how far in advance you must apply.

Most procedures involving the issue of a visa are done in person and you have to take the necessary documents to be evaluated. Due to the pandemic, some embassies are not taking personal visits, and are restricting their activities to emergency cases, such as transporting expats back to Italy, and as such might be requiring extra time to issue a visa.

So each case is unique. Knowing your country (and even city) might give us some clues as to how things are proceeding locally.

You should definitely call the local embassy and email them (depending on where you live you might find that they are specially slow to answer and have very restrict phoning hours), and check how long they would take, if they are even issuing visas at all at the moment. Also, you need to make sure all your documents for the visa application are in order, properly translated (by an official translator recognized by the Italian government) and apostilled (if your country is signatory of the Haya Convention), according to the requirements of the local embassy. All of that can take some time, again, specially now due to covid restrictions.

So not only checking with your embassy, but knowing the specifics of your country's Covid measures will determine just how long it will take for you to get the documentation sorted out. Study visas generally require proof of income, school history, personal documentation etc. and translations for all of these can take quite some time (and cost quite a sum).

In my personal case, I happen to have a citizenship, but just the procedures for getting my studies recognized is being a pain, since I finished school in 10 years as opposed to the regular 12. Translations took weeks and scheduling with the embassy to issue a Declaration of Value has proven impossible, since they have refused to take requests due to the virus. So yeah, if I were you, @zinov, I'd be after these documents and information for at least a few months now.

About it being after the IMAT, that should be no problem, as visas generally take less than two weeks to be issued.

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Posted : 28/08/2020 11:21 pm