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[Sticky] Study Visa process for Israeli candidates  

Ari Horesh
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NOTE: The process of getting your study differs from one country to another, though in general there are some similarities we urge you to contact your local Italian embassy to get the correct information.

In this post we will discuss the process for the Israeli candidates to get a study visa, the information in this guide is relevant for 2019, we will update

The first you’d have to do is to make an appointment through the Italian embassy in Tel-Aviv, you can do that by clicking Here and choosing the option Prenota il Servizio and then Studenti Universita and choosing the date and time that suit you, you’ll receive a confirmation after making the reservation, and 10 days before the appointment day and you’ll have to confirm your arrival at least 3 days before the appointment, if not confirmed it’ll be automatically canceled.

The  next thing you’ll have to do is prepare the following documents:

  1. You’ll have to fill and sign the visa application form; you can find it here


  2. 2 passport photos attached to the visa application form.
  3. A passport valid for 2 years.
  4. Photocopy of the first page of the passport (the one with the personal information).
  5. Form A as a proof you did the pre-enrollment.
  6. One-way airplane ticket to Italy. (can be canceled after printing the reservation confirmation)
  7. Hotel or Airbnb reservation for the first 15 days after arrival in Italy. (can be canceled after printing the reservation confirmation)
  8. A letter from the bank showing your economic status:

A letter from the bank showing that the applicant or his family has 448.52 euro in his bank account for each month of stay (for 10 months you’ll have to show 4485.2 euros -correct to 2019- or it’s worth in NIS or USD)

  1. Travel insurance for the first month (31 days) of stay (can be canceled after printing the reservation confirmation)

You’ll have to submit the documents in the given order.

The flight, boarding reservation, and the Insurance dates should be similar.

We advise you to select a date within a week of the official test results.

Click here

to see what sections of the Visa application to fill.

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Topic starter Posted : 16/09/2019 3:36 pm