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 I am a dual citizen of Canada and the UK so I am very confused of the application process. I have lived in Canada since birth and graduated from a Canadian high school, but am I still considered EU? If anyone knows the process and can explain I’ll really appreciate it- especially with Brexit, the visa process (I heard EU students must be at the school right after enrollament) , DOV, etc.

Posted : 11/08/2020 4:41 am
eric ad
Trusted Member Donator

Your European passport prevails which will be your UK passport. I had a similar situation where I have both EU and non EU and my EU passport is what counted. Regarding Brexit I don't think that changes anything (countries like Norway and Switzerland are still considered EU students despite not being in the EU). But I would email one of the universities to ask, email any of their international student desks as all of them will know. 

For the DoV you will need to send your high school diploma to the embassy in the country which you completed high school (if this was Canada, the Italian embassy in Canada, if UK the one in UK). Do this as quickly as possible as it can take a while to get it done. You will not need a visa as a British citizen, for the moment at least, British people still have full access to the EU (hopefully this will not change in the future). 

Posted : 12/08/2020 3:11 pm