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[Sticky] Getting time extension at the day of the IMAT exam  

Ari Horesh
Noble Member Community Founder Medical Student

This short guide will help people with learning disabilities or any kind of disability that eligible for getting extra time on the day of the exam. 

  • Find out the office of disabilities of your first choice university,
    • for Pavia: 
    • for Bolonia, I am attaching a file

for other unis, you will have to find it yourself, if you did, please comment so I can help other people by mentioning their email address.

  • Before registering for the IMAT (around May-June) you should gather your documents, translate those through a VERIFIED TRANSLATOR (the same one who translated your other documents), and set an appointment for "apostil" certification from the Italian embassy in your country. 
  • After you have translated your proof of disability, and getting the apostil signatures on the document, you should contact the office of your first choice university (it׳s better talk to the prehended to make sure what they want exactly) 
  • After sending the document, you should receive a confirmation from your first choice university, the university must inform Cambridge about your time extension, make sure to remind them to do so!
  • in 2019 the time extension was 30%, so extra 30 minutes for the exam. but it was given in the same room with other students who already finish the exam, so you might want to be prepared for noises. I hope they will change it next year. 

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Posted : 16/09/2019 12:52 pm