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Covid-19 and Lecture Format for First Year Students 2020-21  

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I was wondering if anyone has any information regarding the lecture format and mandatory attendance in person at lectures for first year students in 2020-21.

I noticed on the Sapienza webpage that the Sapienza Academic Senate determined that "[p]rofessors will be delivering in person all the 2020-21 courses scheduled for the first semester, regardless of the year of the course. Students can have access both in person, compatibly with the necessary safety measures, and remotely with live sessions, except for those courses with mandatory in-person attendance. Students will also have access to pre-recorded lectures and off-line educational material. Students who cannot attend in person – including international and off-campus students – can attend remotely."

Does anyone know if first year courses will have mandatory in-person attendance or will the possibility for remote attendance be provided? Will the provision regarding international students who cannot attend in person apply to EU applicants from countries other than Italy?

Thank you!

Topic starter Posted : 10/08/2020 10:35 am
Ari Horesh
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For Pavia, all of the lessons are going to be online for the people who can׳t come to Italy + they are going to try to include some frontal lessons every other week

For Rome, I am not sure, maybe Serra can help here @Serra


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Posted : 10/08/2020 12:33 pm
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Thanks, Ari. That is very helpful. Rome is my first choice, and if I make it, my family and I can make the move from Spain if we needed, but ideally we would be able to put off moving until the January/second semester because we are expecting our second daughter on November 24. Being able to attend remotely for the first semester would allow us to manage everything related to her birth plus plenty of time to find appropriate housing and manage a move, etc. Also, have to say a major thank you for all of your time and effort helping everyone with advice and study materials. It is a major undertaking on your part and a great resource for the rest of us. I am extremely grateful to you!

@Serra if you have additional information re first year students and mandatory in-person/remote attendance, it would be very much appreciated.

Topic starter Posted : 10/08/2020 2:30 pm
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@mnmunters Hello! I'm not sure if this is how it will work for incoming 1st years but assuming it's the same as other years I can give you some more info. We will be split up into groups, with designated groups rotating in and out of class. So for example my class will be split into 3 groups and while group 1 will be in person the other 2 groups will follow from home, and then this will rotate. So there will be remote learning, regarding if it's your groups turn to attend, the course might make an exception for you, or you could just fly over for the week thatll be your groups turn etc. 

Hope this helps 🙂

Posted : 10/08/2020 4:38 pm
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Thank you for the information!


If it does work like that for first years, I do hope they will be willing to make a temporary exception. Otherwise that will be a lot of flying!


Hopefully because of the need for so many to travel to start first year they will offer a bit more flexibility for new students as opposed to those already in Italy.


Thanks again.

Topic starter Posted : 10/08/2020 5:07 pm