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We are a nonprofit with the mission to connect and educate current and future medical students worldwide.

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Where do I start?

EnterMedSchool is a community based learning platform. To start studying using our website, navigate to our courses page and enroll to the relevant course. To use the offline version of the website and practice questions on the go, you can download our App.

For the IMAT study materials, make sure to use our courses, read our articles and also our main forum posts.

За форумите BMAT, NEET и MCAT не забравяйте да проверите и съответните форуми.

Ако имате някакъв въпрос, не се колебайте да създадете публикация във форума!

Our main focus at the moment is the IMAT exam (The Italian Medical Admission Exam), BMAT exam and soon the NEET exam as well.

Търсим доброволци, които да ни помогнат да покрием още повече приемни изпити.

Yes! Just like other social media websites, you can share your thoughts, pictures and ideas, like posts and add friends!

We highly suggest using this new feature of the website. One of the most important aspects of studying for long hours and medicine especially, is to meet like-minded people to cheer and support you along your journey of becoming a doctor.

Beyond being an online learning platform, EnterMedSchool is also a community based website. You can ask your questions as a post or create a thread in our forums.

We are looking for volunteers that can help us write and create content for the website, such as practice questions, guides and translations. If you you want to join the team and contribute, e-mail Ari at [email protected]

Ari Horesh (the medical student who founded this website) also has a study Discord server with over 20K students all over the world (and fields). If you want to to study with more people, you should join the Discord server.


Популярни курсове

We believe education should be free and accessible to everyone. On EnterMedSchool you can prepare for your medical admission exam using our free courses and study materials.

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27 урока

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03 Февруари 2021

BMAT Изпит - Минали изпити

Практикувайте минали хартиени въпроси с нашата безплатна банка с въпроси.

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350 урока

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15 Август 2021

IMAT Изпит - пълен курс

Подгответе се за външния IMAT курс с нашия безплатен, задълбочен курс.

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27 урока

Calendar entermedschool

03 Февруари 2021

NEET изпит - Очаквайте скоро

NEET Crash Course! Очаквайте много скоро. Регистрирайте се, за да бъдете уведомени!

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Nicolas Sanchez

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Katia LeMone

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Andriy Tryguba

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Saradiya Konar


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Stefan Stax Miljkovic


FE Development

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